Jeffrey O'Leary poses with a cheque for $10,000 donated to the Eden Food Bank

Fool’s Night 2018 – For Eden Food For Change

On Saturday April 7th, over 100 of Mississauga’s finest people met for the 3rd annual Fool’s Night event hosted by the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale. This year, the goal was to raise funds for Eden Food For Change, a local Food bank serving western Mississauga. Over $15,000 was donated by the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale and the Streetsville Legion, on top of additional funds raised through a silent auction supported by local businesses in the community.

This year we had a number of local comedians and a live band perform. The event was hosted at the Streetsville Legion and there was a ton of great comfort food prepared by the Eden Food bank Chef. There was also a silent auction with all proceeds going to the Eden Food bank.

Fool's Night, the rotary club of mississauga-meadowvale

The live band kept the part rocking!

Stephanie and I had a lot of fun, and we can’t wait for next year’s event!

Jeff O'Leary at the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale Fool's Night Event

A ‘Jeffanie’ selfie!

Special thanks goes out to:

Former Member of Parliament (Streetsville) and current Director of Government Relations for the Mississauga Board of Trade, Brad Butt for all the hard work in organizing the event.

Rotary Club of Meadowvale member David O’Hearn and his band for rocking the show!

About Eden Food For Change

Eden Food for Change is committed to increasing access to good food in a dignified manner, developing food skills to encourage healthy eating and empowering the community through education, outreach and advocacy. The Eden Food Bank primarily serves the communities western Mississauga, including Meadowvale, Streetsville, Lisgar, Churchill Meadows, Central Erin Mills and Erin Mills.

Find out more on how to donate or volunteer by visiting

About Rotary

Ever been a part of a club? A community? With people who want to make a difference to a bigger cause than just themselves. A place where the people attend for a greater good?

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

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Locally, there are 7 Rotary Clubs in Mississauga, where members meet on a regular basis to donate their time, volunteer and make a difference in our local community and the world at large. Rotarians also like to have fun, and make connections in the community. If Rotary is something that interests you feel free to contact me.

How to Find the Best Family Neighbourhoods for Your Kids

I moved to Mississauga when I was 7, long before Churchill Meadows or Central Erin Mills even existed. The Mississauga I grew up in was fantastic for kids; tens of thousands of homes were being built, and families just like mine were moving out to the ‘burbs’ and settling in. The best family neighbourhoods were every neighbourhood!

I remember the day we moved to Tallmast Crescent in Erin Mills; my mom and dad were so busy unpacking that they told me to go ride my bike to get me out of their hair. There I was, riding around streets I had never seen, exploring my new neighbourhood with complete freedom. Every street I rode down had a bunch of kids playing out front, and when I found King’s Masting Park, it too was full of kids playing together. Once we settled in, we met all the other families and kids on the street, and I couldn’t wait to get home from school every day to knock on the doors and see who could come out and play. With so many kids, there was always someone who could come out and play. These memories are such a huge part of my happy childhood, and I never imagined that in today’s Mississauga, many kids wouldn’t get this same experience.

Today, with every neighbourhood well established, and no land left except for condo infill, prices of homes have risen and the age of many communities has gotten older. Normally, it’s a good reflection of a neighbourhood’s quality and reputation when there’s a large older population; that means people love living there and don’t move. But for a young family, is there anywhere left in Mississauga that has a lot of kids? Where are the best family neighbourhoods?

A Consistent Trend in Mississauga

There is one thing for certain in Mississauga, we are getting older. In every single neighbourhood I reviewed, the population forecasts all looked the same. This is for one small neighbourhood of 800 people, but every single chart, in every single neighbourhood, looked like this:

Mississauga Population Forecast Best Family Neighbourhoods

This isn’t because people are leaving town; it’s not like we have vacant homes or gutted downtowns. Homes are occupied with people, just not young people. The average family household population in areas outside Mississauga are as high as 3.6, but here, it’s closer to 2.6. Over the decades I’m sure we once were 3.6 (or possibly even higher) and have dropped a full 1 person. The high housing costs in Mississauga have put financial pressures on families, and many are choosing to have less kids on average. On the flip side, families with more kids are attracted to cities further away with more affordable house prices. So together, the effect of the city aging in population and not being able to attract new young families, has made a noticeable impact.

Article continues below Statistics

When looking at any listing on, there is this tab that many people don’t notice. It is an excellent collection of data regarding the demographics of the neighbourhood.

You can see neighbourhood size, average income, number of families with and without kids, as well as charts by population age, profession, education, etc. If you want to really know who your neighbours are, this tool is for you. Most neighbourhoods are quite large, like Central Erin Mills, and a listing will only usually show you the immediate area of 500-1000 people. This is great because you will be most affected by the people on the immediate streets around you. But for my purposes, I reviewed the stats all around the neighbourhood, to really get an accurate sense of the neighbourhood. For the most part, there were almost no dramatic shifts from one Sub-Neighbourhood to another. For example: Pheasant Run, Sawmill Valley, West Erin Mills and Council Ring of Erin Mills were all pretty much the same. So although the charts I will show you below are not exact, they are a good representation of the neighbourhood as a whole.

Aging Neighbourhoods

These are some of  the neighbourhoods that have a much larger aging population versus the younger population. If you focus on the dark blue, orange and kelly green blocks on the chart, these are the children in the neighbourhood. The size of their bar indicates the size of population they represent. Most of these neighbourhoods used to be filled to the brim with children, and now, the children have grown up and moved out. That’s left a lot of empty nest baby boomers living in these family homes. When they do move out, the high prices prevent the average family buyer from affording many of the homes in these areas, which means typically older, smaller families will replace empty nesters. This will not have any dramatic positive effect on the population composition.

These neighbourhoods are characterized as such:

The population aged 0-19 is less than or between 20-25% , and the population age 55+ is between 25-30% or greater

Park Royal Best Family Neighbourhoods


Streetsville Best Family Neighbourhoods


South Erin Mills Best Family Neighbourhoods

South Erin Mills

Lakeview Best Family Neighbourhoods


Applewood Best Family Neighbourhoods


Cooksville Best Family Neighbourhoods


Erindale Best Family Neighbourhoods


Sheridan Homelands Best Family Neighbourhoods

Sheridan Homelands

There absolutely are kids in all of these areas, but they are fewer and further between. There is no guarantee you’ll be living close to any kids who are your children’s age. Be a detective in these areas; look for strollers on the porch, or tricycles and scooters by the garage. If you check out the house you want to buy at the time school lets out, do you see adults walking with young children to pick up kids at school, or kids playing in the street after school? If you go look at the house on the weekend, are there kids out in the front playing, or riding their bikes, or is it a ghost street? If these are the neighbourhoods you want to live in, and want to live near kids, do some extra research to see if the house you like is on a street with other kids.

Kids playing best family neighbourhoods

Best Family Neighbourhoods for kids age 10-19

Mississauga does still have some good areas if your kids are a little older. Two premium neighbourhoods lead the pack, with Mineola and Lorne Park. If you are a family with good means, then these are the neighbourhoods for you, as you will get the best for both you and your kids. Also in this groupCentral Erin Mills and Rathwood both have some very good secondary high schools, thus good for middle-school and high school aged kids. Both of these neighbourhoods are quality neighbourhoods but unlike Lorne Park and Mineola, they have relatively lower priced townhomes and condo’s that are more accessible to a wider range of buyers. On the chart, focus on the Kelly Green Bar and it’s size relative to the other age groups. These neighbourhoods are characterized as such:

The population aged 0-19 is between 25-30%, and the population age 10-19 is over 15%

Mineola Best Family Neighbourhoods


Lorne Park Best Family Neighbourhoods

Lorne Park

Central Erin Mills Best Family Neighbourhoods

Central Erin Mills

Rathwood Best Family Neighbourhoods


Central Erin Mills is only 20% total kids and 13% age 10-19 but the unusually large group age 20-34 skews the otherwise large child numbers. Suggesting, perhaps, that many adult kids are still living at home. This is a convenient location for those attending UofT Mississauga.

best family neighbourhoods high schools CEM and rath

Best Family Neighbourhoods for kids age 0-9

Mississauga doesn’t have any neighbourhoods that have a strong population of young children. The villages below are the best there are, although pale in comparison to cities outside Mississauga, which I will touch on later in the article. The best family neighbourhoods are Meadowale, Lisgar, Churchill Meadows, and Port Credit. I now live in Meadowvale, and I can personally confirm that there are plenty of kids, especially in South-East Meadowvale where I live. There are 8 neighbours who have kids the same ages as my children, and although its not as much as when I was a kid, there’s certainly enough kids for my 3 boys to go outside and find someone to play with. I’m very glad we don’t have to rely on scheduling playdates in order for our kids to socialize.

Meadowvale Best family Neighbourhoods


The population in Meadowvale aged 0-19 is 27%, and the population age 0-9 is 14%

Lisgar Best Family Neighbourhoods


The population in Lisgar aged 0-19 is 33%, and the population age 0-9 is 16%

Churchill Meadows Best Family Neighbourhoods

Churchill Meadows

The population in Churchill Meadows aged 0-19 is 27%, and the population age 0-9 is 15%

Port Credit Best Family Neighbourhoods

Port Credit

The population in Port Credit aged 0-19 is 21%, and the population age 0-9 is 11%

Where you decide to live is dependant on so many factors, including commute, budget, family support, income, etc. If you have strong social network full of friends with kids your child’s age, you might be impacted little by the demographics of your street. Mississauga is one of the best real estate investments you can make, given our strong jobs base and proximity to Toronto. Amenities and access to events and festivities are excellent. So it’s all a matter of priorities and the situation you are in. Even if your budget is tight, commute might be a huge factor in the quality of your family life, so you might still choose a smaller house in Mississauga over a longer commute.

Best Family Neighbourhoods outside Mississauga

I would say that if commute is more flexible than budget, you might be a family looking for more house, more kids, and are willing to extend outside of Mississauga. If you want to find a family home for a better price, and you want to ensure your street is likely full of children for the foreseeable future, here are some excellent options.

The Village Guru works in the entire West GTA, and we have a partnership with Robert Preece within the Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Family, who has over 20 years experience service the Hamilton/Niagara Region. So if you decide that you would prefer to live in any of the neighbourhoods below, we can provide you the high quality, expert advice you need with your home purchase and sale.

West Milton

Best Family Neighboruhoods West Milton Population Statistics 2018

Best family neighbourhoods West Milton Population Projections

The population in West Milton aged 0-19 is 34%, and the population age 0-9 is 23%

East Milton

Best Family Neighbourhoods East Milton Population Statistics

Best Family neighbourhoods East Milton Population Statistics

The population in West Milton aged 0-19 is 33%, and the population age 0-9 is 22%. Notice the drop in population relative to the completion of home developments. East Milton is starting to resemble Mississauga as time goes on. 


best family neighbourhoods Waterdown Population Statistics 2018

best family neighbourhoods Waterdown Population Growth Projections

The population in Waterdown aged 0-19 is 27%, and the population age 0-9 is 16%. 

Stoney Creek

Best family neighbourhoods Stoney Creek Population Statistics 2018

Best family neighbourhoods Stoney Creek Population Projections

The population in Stoney Creek aged 0-19 is 33%, and the population age 0-9 is 20%. 



It’s hard to accept, but the new reality of many areas is that there are just less children. And for most people, areas demographics are just one of many factors when choosing where to live. I feel very lucky that my kids are surrounded by other kids on the street, and we have formed friendships with our neighbours and will have impromptu get-togethers now and then. We don’t have family/cousins who live close by, so this set up is ideal for us, and is very valuable for our children. If you have a strong social or family network that ensures your children can socialize regardless of where you live, then you can be open to far more neighbourhoods.

It’s also important to note that as neighbourhoods age, its very common for schools to close due to lack of children. School funds are shifted to build more schools in growing neighbourhoods, instead of where the youth population is in significant decline. In Peel, schools are closing in older Mississauga neighbourhoods and opening in Brampton. In Halton, Burlington has suffered school closings, where new schools are planned for Milton.

This is why your lifestyle is a critical component to any good home search, it’s never just about the number of bedrooms. If you want to experience a higher level of knowledge and expertise to ensure you find a home that you love not only now, but 5-10 years from now, contact The Village Guru today to learn more.

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An article about living in Meadowvale, Mississauga

My recent article about What to do if your Home Buying Budget is under $500,000 resonated with lot of people and as a result of the response, I decided to follow up with more articles showing you where you can buy a good home on a decent budget. Although you can search this website and find factual pages about each neighbourhood in Mississauga, I wanted to write this piece as if we were sitting down together for a cup of coffee, and tell you my personal thoughts about each area. In this instalment, let’s turn our focus on why you should live in Meadowvale.

Why Meadowvale?

I wanted to start with Meadowvale because it’s one of the best kept secrets of Mississauga. It has always less thought about when compared to  more popular communities such as Streetsville, so if you ever have heard of Meadowvale, you probably didn’t hear anything that stood out. In fact, when I was a kid growing up in Erin Mills in the 80s and 90s, I believed the same thing. My experience was that Meadowvale was a community located in the north west section of the city, surrounded by farm fields. At at a time when most other neighbourhoods in Mississauga were also affordable, most people chose to live closer to Toronto or the lake.

‘Why You Should Live in Meadowvale’ continued below

Young Families are Changing the Scene

Fast forward 20 years, and Meadowvale has been experiencing a rebirth and a new energy. Many of the original owners are cashing out and moving away, while hundreds of young families are moving in. Over the last 5 years, I have watched countless homes receive new love with exterior facelifts and dumpsters placed in driveways while kitchens and baths are being gutted and updated. Prices have risen dramatically but they are still affordable compared to the rest of the city. Given the development on the Meadowvale Business centre and improved transit links has meant that Meadowvale has only just begun to rise in desirability.

It is a high density area, with many apartment rentals and condo town homes. What you will see though, if you drive around, is that they are extremely well maintained. Many of the apartments have received the modern glass balconies and full gardens have been planted throughout. The owners of Meadowvale have a fresh energy and desire to make it the best it can be.


Are You Feeling a little Cramped for Space?

One of the best things about Meadowvale is the larger lots, endless walking trails and 2 lakes that are almost completely unknown to most. The new Meadowvale Community Centre serves as the centre of the community and is a strong example of modern planning and design.

Nestled on the edge of lake Aquitaine, you can take advantage a fitness circuit around the lake. Bike trails connect you to Lake Wabukayne further south.

Newer Houses

Since homes in Meadwovale are on average 40 years old, many buyers who want a newer constructed home will pass on the neighbourhood. Located close by is the newer area of Lisgar, and although technically a different neighbourhood, Meadowvale and Lisgar enjoy the same amenities, parks and recreation. For instance, the new Union Park ocated at Aquitaine and Tenth Line is a fantastic spot for kids young and old, with ever-busy skateboard ramps, basketball courts, splash pad and playground. My kids have enjoyed playing Lisgar Fields for many summers, using the splash pad, sand pit and climbing gym. If you’re looking to have an active outdoor lifestyle, Meadowvale is one of the best areas of the entire city to do so.

Meadowvale Schools

All of the schools in Meadowvale are fine, and no matter where you live in the community, your child can join clubs, participate in activities and get accepted into any University with the right marks. But there are a few little know advantages to the south east end of Meadowvale. If you live east of Glen Erin and South of Montevideo, which is quite a small section, your child is eligible to attend Streetsville Secondary School which has always performed well year over year. If you live south of Montevideo road and east of Winston Churchill, your child can attend St Aloysius Gonzaga, which year after is a top school for all of Mississauga. And any student can apply to attend Catholic High School, it is not restricted to those in the Catholic School Board.

Meadowvale Demographics

One of the best things I love about Meadowvale is that it’s a warm, welcoming place for all. I personally don’t think it’s ideal when neighbourhoods are heavily populated by any one ethnic group; be that Europeans, Asians or any other group. Meadowvale is mix of many cultures including Portuguese, Eastern European, West Indian, Middle Eastern, South East Asian, Latin American and long time Canadian.


Is My Bias Showing?

Yes, I am a little biased about Meadowvale, because this is where I call home…for the same reason you might decide to call it home too. At the time we bought as a couple, we weren’t thinking schools, or trees, or big backyards, or quiet streets. We just wanted to own something. However, now that I have children, the benefits of this area keep growing. My wife and I have friends in Burlington, Oakville and other areas of Mississauga, and we are the only family who can send our kids outside to find neighbour kids to play with until dinner. It reminds me of my childhood and I’m so happy my kids get to experience it as well. We thought we’d be in and out of Meadowvale in 3 years, and 10 years later, we are the ones welcoming the new young families on our street.

So this article is not just what I know as a real estate broker, but what I know as a resident. I have no regrets living here, and getting to know all of the wonderful friends and neighbours we have met along the way. So if you’re a young family, perhaps willing to roll up your sleeves to do a little cosmetic work on a home, Meadowvale is a great option for you.


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On Saturday June 3rd at 11am the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Committee will be hosting our annual BBQ at Lake Wabukayne. Stop by and enjoy a free BBQ and live entertainment, visit the community program booths, learn CPR, explore the lake and meet your neighbours!

Location: 2630 Inlake Court, Mississauga. L5N 2A7

Below are some pictures from past events and of the lake.



The Butterfly Garden at Lake Wabukayne in #Meadowvale #Mississauga. Is it just me or does anyone else agree that spring can’t come soon enough? ☀

View on my run today! #meadowvale #mississauga #lakewabukayne

Hardy plants for sale

Lake Wabukayne with the Mayor

Here I am with Ward 9 City Councillor Pat Saito and the rest of the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship comittee for a few quick words

My son getting his face painted

Live music always makes an event more lively!

Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Comittee member A.Q Mufti getting his exercise planting trees

Lake Wabukayne, Meadowvale, Mississauga.


Meadowvale Community Centre in Mississauga

Today was a nice, slightly overcast day, and so I decided to take a walk around the newly-built Meadowvale Community Centre, as I have been wanting to take some photos of the centre since it opened last fall. I have been a few times, but with all the mad excitement of this modern and well received building, it was constantly filled with people. And as much as I love taking photos, I was sure to look like a sad little tourist with my big fat camera hanging around my neck and snapping photos all over the place.

So today was a perfect day, without the crowds, but the grass is now green and all of the plants are finally starting to burst with  foliage. I think everyone knows what the front of the building now looks like, and it really does make quite a dominant impression. If you know Meadowvale, it is lush with trees and paths and greenery. And then out of the green, springs this great white modern facade. The contrast is quite striking and impressive. Originally developed in the 70’s, the architecture of Meadowvale is quite angular and bold, and so I think the Community Centre has interpreted this style in a modern way. The mix of wood, concrete and and natural elements offers contrast of shape and dynamic lines.

The formal garden out front are quite attractive, but is the only thing a little of out place in reference to Meadowvale. When you drive down the streets of Meadowvale and even into the parks, you will get a natural, woodsy feel. Nothing is too contrived; wild, country-style gardens are the norm, and yards are mostly landscaped with trees and wild bushes. The area was never formal, so very few homes have restrained their gardens with linear plantings or defined lines.

But I will still say, I do like the design of the front gardens and it’s very similar in vibe to those on the Sheridan College Campus in downtown Mississauga. And even though it feels modern, these are timeless designs that were used back in France and all over Europe hundreds of years ago. So I do think that the look of this centre has a timeless appeal. The concept is high contrast between materials and linear plantings.

My only concern is what happens to the large, colourful banners as they start to fade and degrade…..10 years down the road if the city coffers are dry and the needs out-strip funding. I worry that this aspect of the building could make the whole frontage look quite shabby if they cannot be properly maintained. Only time will tell.

The best surprises are at the back of the building. I truly enjoy the lines of the building from the back end even more than the front, with different planes and levels to add visual interest. The landscaping of the grounds is top notch, mixing hardscape and green space in creative ways. Your eye is drawn along the paths from one area to the next, and there’s a sense of discovery around every turn. There is a basketball court, splash pad, kids climbing area, interconnected paths, and numerous lookouts to the lake.

The greatest advantage of the Meadowvale Community Centre is that its on the lake. The view are spectacular and the designers made sure every view was the best it could be. The new boardwalk is gorgeous itself, and allows many people to sit and enjoy the view to the lake. There are many apartments and homes nestled all around the large lake, and they all have path access to this serene habitat. You will see all kinds of birds and water fowl, and other wild animals. You can take a long stroll all the way around the lake, or power your way through the various exercise stations situated along the path. Many people in Mississauga know nothing of this lake, and this lake is the reason why people in Meadowvale aren’t clamouring down to Lake Ontario and those parks all the time; we have our own to enjoy.

Moving inside the centre, I still didn’t take too many pictures in case I would draw too much attention to myself, but there is a good size weight room, mid size pool (it’s smaller than the pool at Erin Meadows) and modern family change rooms. One entire wall of the two story pool is glass, so there is an upper and lower level gallery to watch the swimmers. There are many community rooms with lovely views to the back gardens and lake, including a cooking studio for City Rec scheduled classes. On the upper level is the gymnasium and library, which both have full window walls to the front gardens. They have done an excellent job creating an indoor-outdoor feeling with stunning exterior views from all angles.

What is the best hidden gem of all, is the outdoor patio, equipped with tables and loungers. It overlooks the lake in the back, and so you can’t see that it exists from the front of the building. Upon entrance through the front doors of the Centre, there’s no signage that I saw that would lead you to the deck. You have to go into the library and up a ramp to find the door to the back patio. Im actually hesitating as a write this thinking… I really want everyone to know about this now?………but I want to show you what it looks like so let’s just keep it a secret between you and I then.

Overall, I think the Meadowvale Community Centre is a long awaited and well deserved upgrade to the Village of Meadowvale. Even thought I often disagree with the spending decisions of the City, the old Community Centre was run down and no longer a desired gathering place for residents, and needed repair. While the rest of the city was rewarded with brand new centres, we waited steadfast, hoping for some notice. The City repaid us ten-fold for our patience. It is a stunning building that makes us all proud, and can once again be a place to  learn, socialize, and play.

Meadowvale Community Centre Website

Meadowvale Community Centre Facebook Page


Updated Townhouse in Meadowvale, Mississauga

6777 Formentera Ave #33, Meadowvale,  Mississauga.

MLS Listing Details


  • End Unit, story Townhome
  • 3 Bed, 2 Bath
  • Upgraded Kitchen with Pantry
  • Second floor laundry room
  • Fully fenced backyard
  • 2 parking spots & 1 locker
This Bright And Spacious 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2-Storey Corner Unit Is One Of The Largest Designs In The Complex, Feels Like A Semi W/ Windows On 3 Sides. The Backyard Is Fully Fenced For Privacy. Completely Updated Kitchen W/ Marble Backslash, Farmhouse Sink & Large Pantry For Storage. The Main Floor Has High Quality Laminate Floors & Has Been Freshly Painted. Upstairs, You’ll Find 3 Large Bedrooms, An Updated Bath & Large Laundry Room W/ More Storage.
Extras:Home Is Walking Distance To The Meadowvale Town Centre, Metro, Shopping, Bus Terminal, Schools, Rec Centre, Lake Aquitaine & Walking Trails.

Search for Homes in Mississauga


Have you been searching for a new home for a while now with no luck? Have you been unable to see anything on for Toronto in your price range? Do you find yourself browsing just a little outside of Toronto’s boundaries, in sheer frustration over lack of options? If so, you’re not alone.

In the current real estate market, thousands of Toronto home buyers are looking to Mississauga, Oakville and other areas of the 905 to find a more affordable home.  Although the 905 has gone through it’s own hectic price growth over the past decade, it pales in comparison to the craziness that is Toronto real estate. For the same amount of money, you can still get way more house out here in a quality neighbourhood, compared to what you can hope to get, often in a less desirable neighbourhood in Toronto.

Before we go any further, I want to acknowledge that I’m aware that you probably don’t really want to move to the ‘burbs’, I mean, what will your friends think?

Ok, all sarcasm aside, but if you find yourself reading this you might have little choice if you desire that ideal home with everything on your wish list.

As a background, my family was in the same situation even back in the 1980’s. Originally from the Woodbine & Danforth area in the east end of Toronto, my parents decided to move us out to Mississauga to get a much larger home for the budget. They didn’t love the idea of leaving the city; our family all lived in the east end, we were walking distance to the subway, and we had all the amenities of the Danforth within walking distance. But as the family grew, the squeeze of daily life was getting too hard to handle. We needed more space and my parents wanted to raise my brother and I in the best neighbourhood they could afford. The best choice for them was to consider Mississauga.

Mississauga Expertise

Almost half of my business these days is with buyers relocating to the west GTA; not just Mississauga, but Milton, Oakville, Burlington and Georgetown. Given the difference between Toronto and the 905, it’s critical that you choose to work with a highly skilled, local professional who can guide you through the ins and outs of these communities. Despite what they may look like at first glance, each village is not at all the same. Much like Toronto, if you cross certain streets you will find yourself in a completely different area with a different vibe, amenities, and demographics. If you want to make your move successful, you need to be sure you are well advised about the best neighbourhoods for your needs.


It is critical to focus on your lifestyle needs just as much as on the house, so that this transition doesn’t come with surprising disappointments. You are not just buying a property, but a neighbourhood and a way of life. Different people have different priorities in terms of commute time, access to downtown Toronto, proximity to restaurants and nightlife, access to parks and green space, or quality of schools, etc…this all has to come into play. It IS possible to tailor your search to the life you want, so that your move from Toronto to the 905 is a successful one.

Below, I’ve described the different kinds of Toronto buyers I’ve worked with over the last few years, and then outlined the neighbourhoods that best fit the desired lifestyle.

Lifestyle Profile: The Toronto Die-Hard

Many buyers I work with absolutely love the Toronto lifestyle, and don’t want to lose access to the city. This may not necessarily mean just young single professionals who go out every night, but couples and young families who love what the city has to offer. If this sounds like you, we must factor this in to our search. The following neighbourhoods offer a wide range of housing styles, from apartments to large family homes, so no matter what housing style you want for your family, the key factor is that they all border on Toronto and provide easy access to the city.



Located on the border of Toronto, Applewood will remind you of popular neighbourhoods in Etobicoke such as Markland Wood, Eatonville and Bloor/Islington. Homes in this area were built in the 1960’s and 70’s, and offer mature trees and larger lots compared to newer sub division homes. Popular home styles include traditional 2 story detached homes, split levels, bungalows and town homes. This area is in demand and undergoing intense renovation, but there is always a possibility to find a diamond in the rough; a good home that needs some cosmetic updating.
Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)



If you can handle a newer suburban area, Rathwood offers big brick detached homes, built mostly in the 1980s. Although the homes look suburban, you are still close to the subway to commute into Toronto, and you are also close to Mississauga City Centre, which is quickly developing into its own urban destination. Your money stretches further here than in Applewood and you can get a bigger home, although your backyard might be a bit smaller. This is a good area for buyers who don’t want to deal with the possibility of older home issues such cinder block foundations and aluminum wiring. This area is generally full of owners who have maintained their home over the years, although they might now be cosmetically outdated.
Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)



Located on the lakeshore, Lakeview is an up and coming area that is attracting a lot of investors who are waiting for it to become the next ‘Port Credit’. Inspiration Lakeview is Mississauga’s official plan for developing the last parcel of waterfront property in the area and this will completely change the Village. The only downside is that we are still a decade away from seeing the full realization of the vision, so it isn’t quite there yet.

Lakeview has a real mix of homes built pre- WW2 to the 1960’s. You will also find custom infill homes as developers buy up small bungalows and build custom homes. This area is very similar to Alderwood and Mimico in Toronto. The advantage of Lakeview is that you are very close to the city, and there are some lovely smaller sub-neighbourhoods in Lakeview such as Orchard heights and Applewood Acres.
Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Lifestyle Profile: The Villager

If there’s is one thing I love about Toronto, it’s the village flavour that you get from all the different neighbourhoods in the city. Originally from the east end of Toronto myself, I miss being able to walk to the Danforth with all the shops and restaurants to enjoy. For many people in Toronto, loosing this aspect of their lifestyle is a deal breaker for moving outside the city. Before Mississauga was formed in the 1970s, a handful of villages existed as independent entities, with their own history and culture dating as far back as 300 years. So if it’s not Toronto itself that you are in love with, but more just the proximity to charming village streets full of shops, restaurants and history, Mississauga has 3 distinct villages on offer, Port Credit, Clarkson and Streetsville, all with their own GO Train station to Toronto.
I also like to include Olde Oakville, Kerr Village, Bronte Village and Downtown Burlington as well. Yes, the commute times from Oakville and Burlington are longer, but these 4 villages also have quick access to the Lakeshore Go Train line. So it is definitely a matter of deciding how important commute time is to your lifestyle.

Port Credit


Port Credit has undergone a massive revitalization over the past 20 years. Small in size but large in culture, Port Credit has a high concentration of restaurants and nightlife along Lakeshore Rd. The area has beautiful walking trails and in the summer there is always something to do. Festivals such as the South Side Shuffle Blues & Jazz Festival, ‘Paint the Town Red’ Canada Day Celebrations and Busker Fest are just some of the events that keeps this area busy in the summer. Port Credit has a high walk score, and is only a quick 15 minute Go Train ride to Union Station in Toronto which is another reason why it is in such high demand. Homes in Port Credit vary widely from small older homes, custom build luxury homes, high rise condos and luxury town homes.

 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

 St Lawrence |  Oakwood Ave  |  Maple Ave S  |  High St E



Located in the north west part of the city, Streetsville looks like that typical charming little town you’ll find all throughout Ontario, except that Streetsville is located in the the heart of the city and close to all of the amenities in Mississauga. Home to the largest amount of historic buildings in Mississauga, Streetsville offers a slower pace compared to Port Credit but has just as strong community spirit. Events such as the Bread and Honey Festival and the Santa Clause parade are annual traditions. Streetsville is a good choice for families since it has great schools and its own GO Train station for commuters. Homes in Streetsville range widely from luxury homes, historic homes, townhouses to older style wide lot homes built in the 1960’s.

 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Turney Dr  |  Sora Dr  |  Kenninghall Cres  |  William St



Smaller than either Port Credit or Streetsville, Clarkson is developing a distinct character of it’s own with independent shops and restaurants opening up along the lakeshore. Even famous chef Massimo Capra has opened his new restaurant, Capra’s, in the heart of Clarkson Village along lakeshore road. Located a few minutes west of Port Credit, Clarkson has it’s own Go Train Station making it a popular destination for commuters to Toronto. Clarkson boasts multiple lakeshore parks including Jack Darling Park and Rattray Marsh, as well as historic sites like the Bradley Museum.

Homes in Clarkson vary widely, and it is a more densely populated area. Around Bromsgrove road and Inverhouse, there is a high proportion of semi-detached back-splits that are still relatively affordable, given its convenient location. There is also a high density of town home complexes, some of which are less desirable. But on the other end, areas east of Southdown Road and Rattray Marsh are full of quality, high end homes and are in high demand due to their access to good schools.
 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Olde Oakville


Olde Oakville is a vibrant village along lakeshore, east of 16 mile creek. There is theatre, museums, lakeside parks and tons of independent shops, restaurants and bistros. Its not quite Yorkdale, but it’s the closest thing you’ll find in the 905. This is the historic core of Oakville, and so homes here easily reach the millions. There is infill happening with condos and towns, but the price is still high. It’s and excellent area for families as the schools are fantastic. With the Lakeshore GO Train line at Trafalgar, commuting to Toronto is still relatively easy. For anyone seeking high quality living with a small village feel, Olde Oakville is worth consideration.
 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Kerr Village


This village is a prime example of gentrification. Not too long ago, this was the sad little secret of Oakville, where no one went, as it had many old high rises and low-end retail stores. In the past 10 years, Kerr Village has eared a second look, and is especially popular with young professionals. There are a lot of war-time bungalow homes that are being fully renovated in craftsman and mid century modern styles. Hip & Happening is the name of the game. Located on the west side of 16 mile creek, it is just as close to the Trafalgar GO Train Station as is Olde Oakville, so commuting into Downtown Toronto is still very doable.

 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

 Stewart St  |  River Side Dr  |  Burnet St  |  Forster Park Dr  

Bronte Village


Bronte is a charming little village that often gets overlooked between Oakville and Burlington. With its own Marina and festivals, summer in Bronte Village is bustling. It has many unique restaurants and shops, and is definitely experiencing a revival due to is location. Home here used to be relatively cheap because in Oakville, where all schools are excellent, the schools in Bronte weren’t quite as good, and so many people chose to live elsewhere, despite its charm. Now, new interest and redevelopment has seen investment in tear downs and custom new builds. With its own GO Train Station at Wyecroft and 3rd Line, commuting into the city is still an option. Older areas have tree lined streets and are all a short stroll to the lakefront. If you want the added bonus of a marina, Bronte Village might be just for you.

 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Sunrise Cres  |   Ontario St  |  Salmon Rd  |  Wyandotte Dr

Downtown Burlington


Even though Burlington is the furthest Village from Toronto, It is arguably the best. Tied, or second only to Port Credit, in my opinion. My wife grew up in Burlington and she always spoke of how boring downtown Burlington was for decades; there were so many empty storefronts and only a handful of coffee shops. Village Square, a unique retail concept of cobblestone walkways connecting multiple shops sat endlessly vacant. So, now that we live in Mississauga, it really bugs her that Downtown Burlington has finally got its act together. It is so vibrant, that cool and interesting shops, restaurants and bistros have popped up far beyond the main drag of Brant Street, and you will find little surprises from Locust St on the west to Martha St on the east. Spencer Smith park is a massive waterfront park that includes a pier, lookout, kids park, splash pad and Spencer’s restaurant. It hosts the annual Sound of Music Festival and many other events throughout the year. With the GO Train line at Brant Street and Fairview, you can consider west Burlington if you need to commute to downtown Toronto and want to feel like you are living in a village.

  Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Caroline St  |  Maple Crossing Blvd  |  Burlington Ave  |  Pine St


Lifestyle Profile: Luxury Buyer

Mississauga has some of the most exclusive neighbourhoods anywhere in the GTA and there is something for even the most discerning taste. Custom designed homes on larger lots with close access to the Go Train and the QEW appeal to executives who would like a more quiet lifestyle compared to the city. A similar home in Rosedale would be double to triple the price or even more.

I also like to include in the list the areas of Morrison in Oakville and Roseland in Burlington. Though further out, they still have decent access to downtown Toronto via the lakeshore GO Train line and offer an abundance of beautiful homes options, from historic and charming to stunning new custom built homes.



Located just north of Port Credit, Mineola is a neighbourhood of custom homes built on large lots with tons of trees. If you want to feel like you live in the country, while only being a 25 minute drive to downtown Toronto, then this is the area for you. One client said to me “It feels like Switzerland!”, as he was new to Canada. Now, I have never been to Switzerland to verify, but I’ll take his word for it. If you’ve never been to Mineola, it will be the the most pleasant surprise of your day. It is exclusive, private, and overflowing with trees and beautiful homes.
Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Lorne Park 


As Mississauga’s oldest luxury neighbourhood, Lorne Park used to be the cottage country for Toronto Elite before Word War 2. Lorne park is unique in that it is a kid friendly luxury neighbourhood, somewhat akin to High Park, with excellent schools. This is a good area if you want to save on private school costs because the public schools are so good. The architecture varies wildly throughout Lorne Park and no one picture can do it justice. A small percentage of it is the shady, tree lined streets where small cottages of days gone by have been replaced with large custom built estates. Most of Lorne Park was in-filled from the 1950’s to 2000’s by a variety of subdivision builders, and you will see large family homes from each decade in different areas of the Village. One of the most in demand subdivision is Watercolours, a small number of streets with modern executive homes. All of Lorne Park has easy access to the Go Train and QEW and is excellent for upper class families looking for space and amenities.
 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Gordon Woods & Erindale Village


These villages lie along the east side of the Credit River, just south of Dundas.  These are only a handful of streets but they are not to be missed. Luckily, most of the city forgets about them since they are small pockets of side streets with no reason for through-traffic. They are quiet, sleepy streets loaded with a variety of custom, executive and heritage homes. Most of these homes are older, there are very few brand new options, so that is something to consider for these areas. If you are a lover of character streets with a variety of housing, you will love Gordon Woods and Erindale.
Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Sheridan and the Mississauga Rd Corridor


These villages lie along the west side of the credit river, between Dundas and the the QEW. These are two highly exclusive communities that are very popular with luxury buyers. Sherwood Forest is a collection of large detached homes with custom homes mixed throughout. It’s a great pocket for families. Along Mississauga Rd are some of the most exclusive homes in all of Canada, and is a very good location for the prestige buyer who wants to impress.
 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Morrison, Oakville


Morrison is the Mini Hamptons of the GTA. It’s stately, exclusive, gorgeous and envy-inducing. It’s not the flash of new money that buys a 14 bedroom spec home off Mississauga Road, it’s the refined old world elegance of fine living.  Its just east of Old Oakville, some include it as part of this Village. So you are only a short walk to the hustle and activity that the lakeshore village provides. If you are concerned about your child’s education, despite the fact that all the schools in Oakville are top notch, Appleby College is just a short drive west on lakeshore road for the best experience for your children as well. Most residents are industry leaders, CEO’s, board Exec’s, Entrepreneurs and Investors. If you want the best that Oakville has to offer, Morrison is the place for you.
 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Roseland, Burlington


Roseland is a gorgeous period neighbourhood full of stately homes from the 1930’s up to today. Many of the smaller homes have been torn down to make way for impressive custom homes, but there is still a significant number of period homes that give this area incredible charm. Combined with tons of trees and no sidewalks, its hard not to love the area. It feels very much like an old Toronto neighbourhood, with the added bonus of being right along the lakefront and walking distance to downtown. If you don’t need to be in Toronto every day or don’t mind an extra 10 minutes on your commute, Roseland is worth a look.

 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Roseland Cres  |  Hampton Ct  |  Princess Blvd  |  Pomona Ave

Lifestyle Profile: The Family Buyer

Sometimes you have to move for purely economic reasons. You need a home and it just isn’t going to happen with the prices in Toronto. Having a home while still being able to get into the city is the priority. Below are 2 of the more popular neighbourhoods for entry level and mid level homes that will get you more house for the dollar. There are many many other good family neighbourhoods, but I have highlighted these two because they have their own GO Train line that enable a commute to downtown Toronto.



Located just west of Streetsville, Meadowvale is another planned community built in the 1970’s. The area is known for its walking trails, and two man made lakes that are popular with joggers and people who like the outdoors. The area has plenty of trees and the property sizes are larger than comparable properties in newer subdivisions. This neighbourhood is a great family area, with lots of kids and good schools. For this reason, many young families have been pouring in, and fixing up these older homes and the area is showing a new vibrancy it hasn’t seen in decades.
Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)



Located west of Meadowvale, Lisgar is a large development of newer homes that appeals to buyers who don’t want to deal with issues of an older house. This ain’t Toronto, and you will be getting a decent size home on a small lot with few trees and even fewer amenities within walking distance. The area does boast the unique, higher end development called Trelawny Estates, but mostly they are average homes with average curb appeal. What is has in spades is access to transportation. Not only with it’s own GO Train Line, but bordering on the 401, 407 and all the other highways that connect through. For this reason, this is a high demand commuter neighbourhood. The area has good schools and is full of children, so it’s a good choice for families, as long as you have a car to get around or like to shop online.
 Street Views (Click to see on Google Maps)

Are you considering moving out to Mississauga or the west GTA? Do you want to work with a Village Expert who can find you the best neighbourhood for your needs and lifestyle?

Contact The Village Guru Today

Tell us about your home buying goals how you want us to provide an experience that exceeds all of your expectations. If you’re looking for real service, we’re looking for you.

On Friday January 20th, the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale was happy welcome Rob and Heather Byce from the 3rd Meadowvale Scout Troop to our meeting at the Meadowvale Community Centre to talk about Scouts in the local community.

As an ongoing sponsor of scouts in the Meadowvale area, our club always appreciates an update of the wonderful things this organization does for the youth in the community. Heather gave an excellent presentation and as someone who was never personally involved in Scouts as a kid, I was impressed at the amount of activities and opportunities available to boys and girls who join Scouts.

Just some of the activities that the Meadowvale Scouts participate in include:

  • Science Camps
  • Ice Fishing
  • Archery
  • Rock Climbing
  • Zip lining
  • Working with tools
  • Camping
  • Wilderness skills
  • Dog sledding
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking

On top of that, Scouts have the opportunity to travel internationally and attend Jamborees in other countries. Heather showed us pictures of recent Jamborees in Japan and Norway where scouts build leadership skills and meet new people.

Scouts Involvement in the Mississauga Community

Aside from the fun and educational activities the scouts get to participate in, they are also heavily involved in the local community. This stems from one of the pillars of scouts, which is ‘service to others’. Some of the charitable activities that scouts are involved in include:

  • Annual food drives
  • Planting trees
  • Santa Claus event
  • Apple Day
  • Cruisers Cup
  • Park Cleanups
  • Volunteering at various local community events

Rotary and Scouts

The relationship between Rotary and Scouts goes back 100 years. In 1918, Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary teamed up with a gentleman by the name of Jamie E West to bring the Boy Scouts to America and the relationship has been close ever since.

Locally, the Meadowvale Rotary Club has been a sponsor of the Meadowvale Scouts for years, helping financially to buy equipment such as tents and uniforms, and sponsoring children who may not be able to afford the activities.

About Scouts

Scouts is a non denominational group open to both boys and girls from all backgrounds that helps to develop future leaders by encouraging kids to be of service to others, try new things and promoting tolerance and understanding of others. Their vision is to help Canadian youth to make a meaningful contribution to creating a better world and their Mission is to help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.

For more information on Scouts in general, click here.

Click here for more information on local scout groups in Mississauga.


Are you a business person who is interested in joining an organization dedicated to giving back both locally and internationally? The Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale meets every second Friday for lunch at the Meadwovale Community Centre. Contact me for more details.

Contact The Village Guru Today



Today is what I like to call BINGO DAY!

Bingo Day for me happens every month where I volunteer with my fellow Rotarians to raise money to support the local community in Meadowvale. While there we help call out numbers, clean up and assist the customers as needed. It’s actually a lot of fun meeting people from the community and it makes me feel good knowing we are raising money to support the work of the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale, such as the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Project and other community initiatives.

If you are ever interested in finding out more about Rotary International, check out their website and if you would like to attend one of our Friday lunch meetings feel free to contact me!


Charming Semi Detached House with a Large Back Yard In Meadowvale

2992 Glace Bay Rd, Meadowvale, Mississauga. SOLD


  • Large eat in Kitchen with walk out to side yard
  • Open main floor
  • Neutral Decor
  • Large backyard with no neighbours in the back
  • Well maintained
  • Walking distance to parks, trails and schools

Charming Semi With A Large Backyard, Located In A Quiet Kid Friendly Street In Meadowvale. Large Kitchen That Flows Into An Open Concept Living And Dining Room. This Home Shows Pride Of Ownership And Has Been Decorated In Neutral Decor. Finished Basement With A 3 Piece Bathroom, Large Backyard With A Large Deck That’s Perfect For Entertaining. No Neighbours In The Back.

See some of the pictures below and feel free to contact Jeff O’Leary at the bottom of this post if you are interested in seeing this Semi Detached House For Sale in Meadowvale or another like it.

Dining Room The Village Guru



Turn Key Town House in Meadowvale

6100 Montevideo Rd #68, Meadowvale, Mississauga. SOLD

Virtual Tour


  • Totally Updated 3 Bed Townhouse
  • Laminate floors throughout 1st and 2nd floor
  • Modern tile in hallway and kitchen
  • Master Bed has 2 piece ensuite bath- hard to find in a home this age
  • Fenced backyard
  • Walking distance to parks, trails and schools

This turn-key & updated home is situated in an ideal family neighbourhood in Meadowvale. This home shows true pride of ownership and has been thoughtfully decorated in neutral decor. Move in and enjoy the upgraded kitchen, bathrooms and new floors throughout. Walking distance to schools, shopping, and some of the best parks and trails in the city.

See some of the pictures below and feel free to contact Jeff O’Leary at the bottom of this post if you are interested in seeing this Turn Key Town House in Meadowvale or another like it.

Dining Room 6100 Montevideo


Affordable Semi Detached House in Meadowvale

2771 Andorra Circle, Meadowvale, Mississauga. SOLD

MLS Listing Details

Virtual Tour


  • 3 Bed, 2 Bath
  • Open Concept Main Floor
  • Solid wood cabinets, granite, travertine floors in kitchen
  • Laminate flooring throughout 1st and 2nd floor
  • 3 Spacious Bedrooms
  • Extra wide driveway that fits 2 cars
  • Located close to schools, trails, parks and shopping
  • Large, private backyard

See some of the pictures below and feel free to contact Jeff O’Leary at the bottom of this post if you are interested in seeing this Affordable Semi Detached House in Meadowvale or another like it.

Living Room Andorra Mississauga


If you are looking for an affordable family home with a large, private backyard then this is the house for you. If you would like to see this home or another like it let’s talk!


For a 3rd year running, last Saturday we held our annual Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Day in Meadowvale. Perfect weather, tons of participation and plenty of food made this year a great success!

Here I am with Ward 9 City Councillor Pat Saito and the rest of the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship comittee for a few quick words

Here I am with Ward 9 City Councillor Pat Saito and the rest of the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship comittee for a few quick words

For the second year in a row, the Christian Reformed Church has coordinated a number bands to play at our event. Good music and good times!

A lot of volunteer hours went into the event. We served hamburgers and hot dogs, but the real star of the show was the BBQ roast beef sandwiches. Funding for the food was provided by the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale, a partner of the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Comittee since the beginning.

While the event started at 11am, volunteers started early in the morning cooking the roast beef for the sandwiches

While the event started at 11am, volunteers started early in the morning cooking the roast beef for the sandwiches

As in years past, a number of different organizations were on hand for the celebration. Mississauga corporate security is always a hit with the kids, they love the squad car.

Mississauga corporate security is always a hit with the kids when they bring their squad

Mississauga corporate security is always a hit with the kids when they bring their squad

As in years past, the Streetsville Horticultural Society held a plant sale at Lake Wabukayne. Unlike the cheap plants you buy at big box stores, plants grown by the ‘Horts’ (as they refer to themselves) are hardy and have a much better chance of surviving.

It was nice to see the Eden Foodbank come out to our event this year. I learned that they have started a ‘Fresh Produce’ program where you can order a box of fresh produce on a weekly basis.

Eden Food Bank was on hand to educate the public about what they do and also promote their fresh produce boxes.

Eden Food Bank was on hand to educate the public about what they do and also promote their fresh produce boxes.


There was face painting for the kids and my son was excited to have a spider painted on his face.

My son getting his face painted

My son getting his face painted


This year we partnered with the Mississauga Parent-Child Resource Centres who brought a bouncy castle and put on other events to entertain the children. My boys loved the bouncy castle.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a stewardship event without some good old fashioned stewardship! Residents volunteered to plant trees around the lake. Without residents taking an active involvement in the health of the area we wouldn’t have such a great resource for all of us to enjoy in Meadowvale.

I must say that this year’s Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Day was a big success! We had hundreds of residents attend and everyone had a good time. I can’t wait for next year!

As a neighbourhood, Meadowvale is becoming more and more in demand as the years go by. Mature, tree lined streets, a great outdoor lifestyle with parks and natural features, and affordable when compared with many other areas of Mississauga.

Over the past few years, I have noticed an increase in the amount of renovated and updated homes being sold in Meadowvale. I think this is a reflection of the changing demographic of the area and the demand for homes in Mississauga. Some of the streets that I have seen the most renovation on are the following: Inlake Court, Lorca Cresent, Oka Road, Windwood Drive, Cheega Court, Oshkin Court, Barrisdale Drive, and Cobbinshaw Circle. Becasue of this, these are some of my favourite streets in Meadowvale.

Inlake Court

Inlake court located west of Glen Erin is a quiet court consisting of all detached homes. Homes on the south and west side back onto Windwood park and the trail system. There are even a few homes that back onto a small forest which gives the owners a feeling of living int he country. There are also a number of freehold townhouses located east of Glen Erin which offer an affordable option for entry level buyers in the area.

Lorca Cresent

Like Inlake Court, Lorca Cresent is comprised mostly of detached houses with some backing onto the Meadowvale park trail system. Lorca is located in the Gonzaga school district and has some larger homes on the street, making it a good opportunity for a growing family.

Oka Road

Oka is a small street connecting Winston Churchill Blvd with Windwood Drive in Meadowvale. All the homes on the street are detached and many of them have great sized backyards with plenty of trees. I’ve been in a number of homes on this street and I like the layouts. The only drawback with the street is that it is a thru street connecting the neighbourhood with Winston Churchill so the street is a little busier than a court or side street.

Windwood Drive

Windwood Drive is one of the major roads that cuts through South Meadowvale, however all the homes on the street are detached and some of the largest homes in the area are on Windwood. I like this street becasue the homes are well kept and many neighbours have done improvements to them over the past few years such as landscaping and hardscaping. The only downfall is that like Oka Rd, the street is busier than side streets like Inlake or Lorca.

Cheega Court and Oshkin Court

While they are 2 streets, Cheega and Oshkin court are special in that they consist of newer, larger homes when compared with he surrounding area. The homes are larger 1980’s style family homes and many of them back onto Lake Wabukayne park.

Wabukayne Court

A favourite of mine, Wabukayne Court is all detached homes with many of them backing onto Lake Wabukayne Park. Most of the homes are 3 bed with good layouts which make this an excellent street to find a small dream home.

Barrisdale Drive

Barrisdale Drive is the most prestigious looking street in Meadowvale. Consisting of large detached homes surrounded by trees, these are the largest homes in the area.

Cobbinshaw Circle

Cobbinshaw Circle is a quiet street with an even mix of detached and larger semi detached homes. This street is in high demand for a number of reasons including access to Lake Wabukayne, good lot sizes and many of the semis have the popular back split layout.

These are just a few of the great streets in Meadowvale. Looking to buy or sell a home in Meadowvale? Let’s talk!

Are you thinking of selling your home in Meadowvale? If so you might want to pay attention because something is happening in your neighbourhood that you might want to know.

I’ve always been a big fan of Meadowvale in terms of affordability and bang for your buck. For years now I’ve been talking about the pro’s of Meadowvale- family friendly, affordable when compared to the rest of Mississauga, access to parks and lakes, and depending on what part of Meadowvale, access to some of Mississauga’s Top Schools.

If you have read my critique and ratings on Meadowvale, I’ve said that this neighbourhood is an excellent opportunity for someone not afraid of a little sweat equity, as the homes are 30-40 years old on average and many are in need of a facelift.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed some opportunistic buyers following this exact advice. In the past 3 months I’ve counted no less than 5 home flips that have occurred in Meadowvale. While I’m sure most of you are aware of what a home flip is, the way I describe it is a house bought low because it is outdated or in need of repair, fixed up and sold within the year for a substantially higher price.

Another common trait of these homes is that they are all being sold for record numbers.

So as a home owner, what should you get out of this? Buyers are willing to pay more money for a home that is turn key and updated. In fact, I’ll argue in many cases they are willing to pay over market value to get something nice and avoid the headache of renovating a home.

As a home seller, I always say that 90% of the job of selling your home happens before the sign ever goes on the lawn. Repairing, decluttering, professional photography, home staging and excellent marketing. Done properly, these things will get you a good return on your investment and this is what I specialize in.

If you are looking to sell your home in Meadowvale let’s talk! Why should the house flippers be the only ones getting TOP dollar for the sale of their homes?

Where else can you mix it up with the Who’s Who in Mississauga, support a great cause and hang out with yours truly? 😉

At The Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale’s Annual Valentine’s Gala, the premier Mississauga social event of the year! Like in years in past, this year was a huge success. Who doesn’t like a fabulous Valentine’s date featuring dinner, dancing, prizes and much more, all in an elegant atmosphere like the Mississauga Grand Banquet Centre?

Guests were greeted by a very talented piano player

Guests were greeted by a very talented piano player


Thanks to many generous sponsors, we had tons of great prizes for guests to win including TV’s, concert tickets, hockey tickets, and other great prizes. Steph and I helped out at the ticket booth before dinner selling raffle tickets and it was hectic.

The reception line and raffle ticket sales. I pitched in and used my awesome selling skills to up-sell!

The reception line and raffle ticket sales. I pitched in and used my awesome selling skills to up-sell!

Guests were greeted on arrival with a champagne reception featuring hors d’oeuvres, an oyster bar and casino games (for fun, no gambling) before the dinner service.

We had a delicious 5 course dinner which included antipasto, salad, pasta, prime rib and a fantastic chocolate dessert.

Dinner Service

Dinner Service

Everyone let loose and had a great time. The theme of the evening was Mardi Gras and everyone who dressed the part looked great!

The one and only Lesley Barmania, current President on the Rotary Club of Mississauga- Meadowvale

The one and only Lesley Barmania, current President on the Rotary Club of Mississauga- Meadowvale

After dinner there was a live auction for Maple Leaf tickets and a heads and tails game for the grand prize, a cruise for two courtesy of a realtor colleague of mine and fellow rotarian, Narciso Rodrigues. Mark Cashin MC’d the event and did a great job.

A long time Rotarian and the incoming President of the Meadowvale Rotary Club, Mark Cashin.

A long time Rotarian and the incoming President of the Meadowvale Rotary Club, Mark Cashin.

There was a silent auction with some great merchandise. Steph and I bid on a cigar humidor which would have made a great gift for her father, but we were outbid at the last minute. At least I know for next time the tricks to silent auctions!

I gave Steph some bad advice for the heads and tails game and she was eliminated the first round. In hindsight I wouldn’t have taken my own advice! 🙂

The highlight of the night, a heads and tails game with the winner taking home a cruise for 2!

The highlight of the night, a heads and tails game with the winner taking home a cruise for 2!

Steph looking like a rock star in her new cocktail dress!

My beautiful wife Stephanie!

My beautiful wife Stephanie!

What can I say, the event was a huge success! Everyone had a great time and we raised some much needed money to continue doing projects internationally and in the local Mississauga community. I also wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone at the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale for all the hard work that went into organizing the event. It was great and I can’t wait for next year!

One of my favourite places in Meadowvale to grab a quick bite is Pho Mi 89 at the Meadowvale Town Centre. Like other typical Vietnamese restaurants, Pho is the main dish but if you look at the menu you will see hundreds of things to order.

For Canadians who have never tried it, Pho is a beef soup made with  rice noodles and comes with bean sprouts on the side. Hearty and filling, it hits the spot on a cold day. If you are on the less adventurous side of cuisine tasting, I recommend the beef Pho with a side of spring rolls and one of their great tasting fruit shakes.

For quick, affordable and good service, I recommend Pho Mi 89 at the Meadowvale Town Centre any day.

The most comprehensive guide to Mississauga's neighbourhoods on the web!
The most comprehensive guide to Mississauga’s neighbourhoods on the web!

Food: 7

Service: 7

Atmosphere: 7

Cost: Affordable

Village Guru Score: 7