Zombie Walk at the Adamson Estate

It was a pitch-dark night, spine-chillingly cold, and windy. A herd of zombies roamed through the Adamson Estate, situated along the waters of Lake Ontario in Port Credit. After drizzling rain the whole day, it was a very dark sky with not even any moonlight to guide the way. There were only the distant street lights, dim like candles, glowing behind the trees.

The Port Credit BIA organizes several walking tours throughout the year, and this year’s October installment started at la Villa Bakery and Café, and proceeded towards the famed Adamson Estate. It is a waterfront park located east of the mouth of the Credit River. The grounds and gardens are open to the public and even have a unique pet cemetery.

The event invite encouraged the attendees to come with their best efforts. Enthusiasts did not disappoint; masks, painted faces, tattered clothes, and generally scary costumes all created a night of the living dead.

The herd of zombies followed the storyteller on the guided tour, and listened intently to the story of the century-old estate buildings. In traditional fairy tales, the forest is the place for mystery, adventure and often the unexpected. This was certainly the feeling about the surroundings this night.

Adamson Estate has historic significance and heritage value. The iconic Derry house, is associated with the memory of Anthony Adamson for his remarkable contribution to Canadian architecture. The century old property backs onto Lake Ontario and creates a beautiful, mesmerizing scene at night.

The guide continued with many stories from the graves of those old buildings. The hostel building, and the student who heard a cry in the middle of the night. What did he see through the window? There were many hair-raising stories to entertain us.

The Port Credit Zombie walk was absolutely worthwhile experience for anyone who likes to be a little scared, a little creeped out and also very interested in the curious history of Port Credit. Hope to see you next year!

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