How to Buy a Home for Less – 9 Negotiation Tips

In this episode I share some good tips on how to negotiate a buying a home for less. With a strong real estate market in Toronto and Mississauga where things like bully offers and bidding wars are common, many home buyers make the mistake of thinking there are no deals to be found in real estate. But that’s not the case.

Here are 9 tips to buy a home for less:

Home Buying Tip 1: Know the market value of the home you want to buy

Home Buying Tip 2: Build Rapport and Make Your Case

Home Buying Tip 3: Try and find out the home sellers motivation

Home Buying Tip 4: Find out who came up with the listing price

Home Buying Tip 5: Have respect for the home sellers and real estate agent

Home Buying Tip 6: Put your offer on paper, and make a Real Estate Purchase Offer

Home Buying Tip 7: Don’t be overly aggressive in negotiations to start

Home Buying Tip 8: Be patient when negotiating a lower purchase price

Home Buying Tip 9: Don’t get emotional when negotiating in real estate

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to negotiate a deal in real estate. Got a question about real estate or want to work together? Let’s talk!

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