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Over the past decade, it has become quite clear that I attract a very specific type of client. It has nothing to do with the house you want to buy or sell, but everything to do with the experience you want to have. I work with clients who feel “sold” isn’t good enough, and also want the best possible experience in combination with a smart buy or top dollar sale.

Almost all of my clients had been frustrated with their previous real estate experiences, and were determined to have a better outcome this time around. They had questions and wanted answers. They wanted to do their own research. They wanted to feel empowered and confident. When they found The Village Guru website, they finally found all of the information, guidance and expertise they needed, without the typical cold calls, hard selling and pressure that is so common elsewhere. No relationship can be successful without giving you respect and earning your trust.

The Village Guru is one of the best real estate websites because I have dedicated myself to sharing not just an immense amount of information, but putting it into context, so that you can determine how it relates to your needs. I am not shy to speak about the common pitfalls that far too many buyers and sellers fall into and how to avoid it. I encourage my readers to ask more questions, set high expectations, learn how to avoid schemes and false promises, and expect the best possible experience.

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If you really want to see how much I have written, it’s all here for you to see. Feel free to dig in, take some notes, or ask me questions about any of it!

FAQ: All of Your Questions Answered

This section is NOT to be missed. Most every home seller has the same questions. Most buyers need clarification at various points in the process. Use this section as a reference before and during your home sale or purchase. You can’t possibly remember or know all the ins and outs of the process, and so we have laid it out in as much detail as possible. If anything needs clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.

Video Channel

Video is an invaluable tool to allow you to get to know me, how I communicate, and what I stand for. In the end, you are going to choose a competent professional whom you like, and feel you can communicate with. This is the first step in the process of you being able to decide whether you think we will work well together.

Video also shows you how I sell homes, both in presentation and marketing. The best predictor of future performance is past performance, and so it’s critical that you see real examples and plenty of detail of how your home will be marketed. Don’t settle for a sheet of paper with a list of sold homes, that doesn’t show you what you need to know.

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