Why You Should Live in Meadowvale

Meadowvale has been experiencing a rebirth and a new energy. Many of the original owners are cashing out and moving away, while hundred of young families are moving in. Over the last 5 years I have watched countless neglected homes receive new love with exterior facelifts and dumpsters placed in driveways while kitchens and baths are being gutted and updated. Prices have risen dramatically but they are still more affordable than the rest of the city, given that it's further north and Meadowvale has only just begun to rise in desirability.

Where NOT to Live in Mississauga

Since the "Great Panic of 2017", every neighbourhood has risen past the once prestigious $1 million mark. But area all villages worthy of equal stature? Let's take a closer look at some villages to learn what's worth the hype and what's not.
Why you should Live in Lisgar

Why You Should Live in Lisgar

Take a tour with me to learn about everything Lisgar has to offer. Very few people start their home search here because it is on the furthest edge of the city, far away from Toronto. But because of this, you get the most house for your money, and if you can get over the suburban feel, there's a lot to see and do, especially for families.
Whya you should live in clarkson mississauga

Why You Should Live in Clarkson

Let's take you on a tour of Clarkson so you can see all the wonderful things about this Village. Though not perfect, it offers a lot of opportunity, especially for those new to Mississauga, who still need quick commuting access to Downtown Toronto.

Moving to Mississauga from Toronto

Moving out to the west GTA might not be your dream move; you may not like the idea of the 'burbs and are worried that you'll loose all the great amenities and charm that you have enjoyed in Toronto. The Village Guru takes a lifestyle approach to get you into a new neighbourhood that will make your transition as successful as possible. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Top 10 Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

Here is THE #1 COMPREHENSIVE list of most effective upgrades to increase the value of your home! It is best if you give yourself the time to get the work done properly. Better yet, you don't have to make these material upgrade decisions alone. Hire us first, and receive weeks and months of advice, planning, sourcing and problem solving at no extra cost to you. This level of service is standard to all clients, no premium fees here.
Article giving advice on what to do to buy a house under $500,000

What to Do if Your Home Buying Budget is Under $500k?

If your home buying budget is less than $500k, i am sure you are feeling frustrated. Many recent articles are advocating for you to start anew out in Hamilton or beyond. But what if you have a job you love right here? Or family support is just 10 minutes away? What if you WANT to stay in the GTA but you don't think you can buy anything here? This article is for you.
tips on preparing your kitchen for sale

Let the Kitchen Sell Your Home

Let the kitchen sell your home! Read more to learn a few simple, economical and universally appealing principles that will get you top dollar.

Expert Series: Advice for Home Buyers

I was recently interviewed by Point2Homes about the current real estate Market and what advice for Home Buyers I had to offer.

5 Upgrades to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Especially in a sellers market, we often see home owners do the WRONG work on their home, in the hopes of maxing the sale price. Find out here the 5 Upgrades to avoid, as well as what work will get better results

The #1 Secret to Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

The hardest part in starting the process of buying or selling a home is trying to figure out who is the best agent for you. Who can you trust? How can you tell their motives? There is one simple and easy way to do this, and it's not through interviewing 10 agents until your head is spinning with information. This 1 step will save you a lot of trouble and make the process of hiring a realtor that much easier.

Choosing The Right Paint Colour For Selling Your Home

Choosing the right paint colour for selling your home isn't about personal preferences or current trends. Used strategically, colour can highlight your best features and downplay any negatives of your home. Find out which tried and true colours we recommend for an elegant and contemporary look.

How to Ensure Buyers Love your Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Beautiful bathrooms help sell homes for Top Dollar. Although they are a more expensive room to tackle, we'll show you the most economical tricks to get a huge bang for your buck and make those buyers FALL.IN.LOVE

How To Update a Large Home on a Budget

In this case study, we were working on a large, executive home in Erin Mills. It was full of potential......and a lot of dated 1990's finishes. When you have a lot of surfaces to update, you have to make every dollar work hard, to keep to a proper budget. This is story about how to focus on the most impactful changes to get the best results.

Top Staging Tricks: Refresh your Kitchen & Baths

In this case study, we will review some of the most cost effective ways to refresh your kitchen and bath on a very tight budget.

How to Prepare Your Kitchen When Selling Your Home

If you want to sell for TOP DOLLAR, start in your kitchen. This is by far the most important room to buyers, and the price you end up with will largely depend on how happy the buyers are with the kitchen. Selling Your Home For Top Dollar - Part 5

Essential Tips for Increasing Your Home's Curb Appeal When Selling

Curb Appeal matters when selling your house. Tips to preparing your curb appeal and landscaping for selling.

Industry Article: Know Your Village

This is a quick link to the Interview I did with Point 2 Homes about the Mississauga Real Estate Market and what buyers need to know to get the home they want and need.

How Do I Find The Right Area to Live In?

[VIDEO] Finding the right area to live in can sometimes be a challenge for home buyers. Balancing factors such as budget, proximity to work, family and others can make the situation very complicated.

My Top 5 Villages in Mississauga

Clients always ask me where I would live, Would you buy this house? Would you live in this neighbourhood? what do I look for?...etc. When I'm working for someone I try to see the world through their eyes, it's about finding them what is best for them. So today I decided to write this post to answer the question, partly for fun, and also so that you can get a little better sense of who I am, and how I look at the world as a home buyer.

Younger Home Buyers Should Think Like Home Flippers

[VIDEO] Knowing what I know, if I was a first time home buyer I would be looking for something that needs a little work. By a little I don't mean a gut or the need for permits, but something that might be outdated cosmetically because here's what I do know- The majority of today's home buyers are

Osprey Marsh

This morning I decided to take a stroll around Osprey Marsh in Lisgar and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how serene and peaceful the area is.

Luxury Real Estate vs Regular Real Estate in Toronto

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Luxury Real Estate vs Regular Real Estate in Toronto - 5 Ways it's Different The real estate industry isn’t as black and white as it used to be in regards to what qualifies as luxury real estate or not. In the past, there would be a small…

Toronto Real Estate Market Update January 2021

If you like these videos subscribe to my Youtube channel. Are you a Home Buyer? Check out my new book "The 4 Home Buyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them". Get your copy for free. Thinking of Selling? Learn How to Choose the Right Paint…

Toronto Real Estate Year End Review 2020

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  For the month of November, we witnessed price increases across the board for the Greater Toronto area. However, when you compare housing styles and locations, we noticed a few emerging trends. Detached houses remain in much…

Is the Toronto Real Estate Market Dying Down because of Corona Virus?

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In this video, I answer a question that I received on Instagram that many people have: Is the Toronto Real Estate Market Dying Down because of Corona Virus? In this video I go over the reasons the Toronto Condo Market performance is not…

How Do Property Appraisals Work

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Property Appraisals If you own a home, are interested in selling your house, or looking to buy a home, at some point you will experience some form of property appraisal. Whether you requested to find out how much my home is worth, or have…

Toronto Corona Virus Real Estate Update #9

A Tale of Two Real Estate Markets in Mississauga Corona Virus Real Estate Market Update May 20 - 26, 2020 Below is your real estate update for Mississauga for the week of May 20-26, 2020. The data has been based on MLS sales over the past…

Toronto Corona Virus Real Estate Update #8

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Corona Virus Real Estate Market Update May 13 - 19, 2020 Below is your real estate update for Mississauga for the week of May 13 - 19, 2020. The data has been based on MLS sales over the past week. Mississauga Real Estate Market…

5 Tips Every Home Buyer Needs to Know

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5 Tips That will Help Any Home Buyer Below are 5 tips that will help you as a home buyer in your search. Unlike other advice such as the Hidden Costs of Buying a Home, this article is focused on having a better home buying experience. Also…

COVID-19 Real Estate Market Update #4

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COVID-19 Real Estate Market Update April 15-21, 2020 As always, in this post we are going to give you an update for the Mississauga Real Estate Market. However, I  also want to explore the question, Is the Toronto Real Estate Market going…

COVID-19 Real Estate Market Update 3

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COVID-19 Real Estate Market Update April 8-7, 2020 Now in our 4th week of the COVID-19 emergency in Ontario, people are starting to wonder if this crisis will ever end. While the provincial government did increase the state of emergency…

Covid-19 Real Estate Market Update Episode 2

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COVID-19 Real Estate Market Update April 1-7, 2020 As we enter into week 3 of Ontario's COVID-19 countermeasures to flatten the curve, business is starting to show signs of significant slowing. Here in Ontario, all businesses not deemed…

Covid-19 Real Estate Market Update Episode 1

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Find out how COVID-19 is affecting house prices in Mississauga and the GTA

How to Buy a Home for Less - 9 Negotiation Tips

How to Buy a Home for Less - 9 Negotiation Tips In this episode I share some good tips on how to negotiate a buying a home for less. With a strong real estate market in Toronto and Mississauga where things like bully offers and bidding wars…

Understanding Average Days on Market in Real Estate

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Have you ever wondered what the term "Average Days on Market" means in real estate? In this video I explain what average days on market means, and how you can use it to your advantage as either a home buyer or seller. Be sure to check…