One of my favourite misconceptions out there is the false belief that you have to be lucky when selling your home.

Now when I say lucky, I’m not referring to the actual act of selling your home, any monkey can do that. I mean selling and getting a fantastic outcome in the process, whether that be for more money than expected, quickly, with the least amount of stress, or a combination of all three.

To make my point, I like to compare selling your house to hunting. Now as a disclaimer, I myself am not a hunter but I do have clients and friends that hunt, so If you do hunt hopefully my story makes sense.

To an outsider, uneducated in hunting, it may seem like random luck whether or not a hunter manages to shoot a buck or come home empty handed. We’ve all heard stories of hunters spending a week in the bush with nothing to show for it, so it’s natural to assume that it all has to do with luck.

While there are some elements such as where the deer are, or how the weather is, that are out of a skilled hunters control, many aspects of the hunting trip are within the hunters control. Aspects such as planning and preparation. Finding the right location, setting up a proper camp, and many other factors that an experienced hunter will use to increase their odds of a successful hunt. The more time a hunter spends on the setting up the circumstances to attract the deer, the better chance of success.

I like to compare this to selling your home, where we don’t necessarily know where your buyer will come from, however we can make preparations based off of knowledge and experience that will increase your chances of a successful sale.

What appears as ‘luck’ is merely doing the right things that set yourself up to get ‘lucky’. 

When it comes to being ‘lucky when selling your home, ‘luck has very little to do with it!

Agree or disagree? I’d love to hear your comments.