In real estate, the saying goes that Kitchens and Bathrooms sell homes. I’m going to argue that there’s a third, unspoken piece to this rule.

Kitchens, Bathrooms and Storage Space Sells Homes”


Lack of kitchen storage is the number 1 reason many clients I work with decide to pass on an otherwise great home.

Storage is the less glamorous, more practical side of a home but don’t under estimate its importance. Ample storage can seal the deal or have yourself shaking your head in frustration- regardless if you are a home buyer or seller. We have a lot of stuff, and finding a place to put this is paramount. Experts know that a cluttered space adds to mental clutter, and who wants to start their day off with the unneeded stress?

Let me a share a personal story with you that will help drive this home. Just a few days ago I showed a condo to one of my home buyer clients and storage was the deal breaker. This condo was in a prime location, it was priced extremely well and the pictures looked amazing. I think we both thought that this was the one, it checked all the boxes and everything seemed to be perfect except for the fact it had no storage. It was a two story loft and what we noticed was no closet on the main floor, not even a place to put your shoes. How do you call a place home if you can’t even hang up your coat after a long day? Forget decor, price per square foot or location, if the home is missing such a simple yet critical amenity how can you do it?

Whether it’s a condo or house, or you’re in the city or in the suburbs, you need storage. If you are a home seller it’s critical to highlight your home’s storage features and if you are lacking storage space, come up with some creative solutions that potential home buyers will see and easily understand.


In many homes the space under the stairs can make a great storage area. Finding ways to add storage is key if you are a home seller.

If you are a home buyer, don’t let a fancy new kitchen blind you from seeing the home with objective eyes, especially when it comes to storage. It’s one of those things that will have you wanting to divorce your new home before you know it!


A mud room with a side entrance like this is great feature for any house. It allows you to store everyone’s stuff and keep the front entrance clear and inviting for guests.

There you have it, just a few reasons why I think home storage is a critical factor in any home and any real estate sale. If you are a home seller looking to get the most money from the sale of your home or a buyer wanting to find the best home for your lifestyle let’s talk!


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