Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant, had a fancy meal and thought to yourself, ‘This is the best meal I ever had!‘ Have you ever ordered a bottle of wine and thought ‘this wine tastes so good, it goes perfectly with this meal….’
If you did you aren’t alone. In fact, you went to a restaurant that knows what they are doing by creating the perfect atmosphere.
Modern decor, highly trained staff, ambient lighting… Just a few of the factors designed to enhance the atmosphere. Happy customers spend more – it’s a fact.
Do you remember the last time you visited a luxury jewellery store, complete with is impeccably decorated with plush velvet seating and millions lights shining down on all those sparkling diamonds and rolex watches- they all look flawless. I don’t know about you, but how come my watch never looks as bright or as shiny as the day I tried it on in the store?
That’s because the experience was designed that way…
In sales, the key to success is creating an atmosphere where a buyer expects better. When someone expects better, their mind has a way of focusing on all the aspects (meal, watch, house…) that are pleasing to them, and over looking things that might not be. It’s the way our mind is hardwired,
Subconsciously we see only what we expect to see. 
The setting in which you are doing something and your current mindset affects how you experience it. Think about this in terms of real estate. If you’re selling your home wouldn’t it be wise to create an atmosphere that will encourage a positive mindset in a home buyer? You bet! In fact, what if I told you there is a way to create this atmosphere and bank thousands more on the sale of your home?
Over the years our team has developed a procedure where we focus on creating the best atmosphere possible for home buyers. Instead of relying on hard selling, we believe that investing the time and effort upfront to focus on a home’s presentation will always get our sellers more money for the sale of their home and a better experience. Just like when you sit down for an expensive meal, you expect the best. By giving your buyers exactly that you’ll always comet a winner!
Thoughts, comments, I’d love to hear them.

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