One of my favourite places in Meadowvale to grab a quick bite is Pho Mi 89 at the Meadowvale Town Centre. Like other typical Vietnamese restaurants, Pho is the main dish but if you look at the menu you will see hundreds of things to order.

For Canadians who have never tried it, Pho is a beef soup made with  rice noodles and comes with bean sprouts on the side. Hearty and filling, it hits the spot on a cold day. If you are on the less adventurous side of cuisine tasting, I recommend the beef Pho with a side of spring rolls and one of their great tasting fruit shakes.

For quick, affordable and good service, I recommend Pho Mi 89 at the Meadowvale Town Centre any day.

The most comprehensive guide to Mississauga's neighbourhoods on the web!
The most comprehensive guide to Mississauga’s neighbourhoods on the web!

Food: 7

Service: 7

Atmosphere: 7

Cost: Affordable

Village Guru Score: 7