As a neighbourhood, Meadowvale is becoming more and more in demand as the years go by. Mature, tree lined streets, a great outdoor lifestyle with parks and natural features, and affordable when compared with many other areas of Mississauga.

Over the past few years, I have noticed an increase in the amount of renovated and updated homes being sold in Meadowvale. I think this is a reflection of the changing demographic of the area and the demand for homes in Mississauga. Some of the streets that I have seen the most renovation on are the following: Inlake Court, Lorca Cresent, Oka Road, Windwood Drive, Cheega Court, Oshkin Court, Barrisdale Drive, and Cobbinshaw Circle. Becasue of this, these are some of my favourite streets in Meadowvale.

Inlake Court

Inlake court located west of Glen Erin is a quiet court consisting of all detached homes. Homes on the south and west side back onto Windwood park and the trail system. There are even a few homes that back onto a small forest which gives the owners a feeling of living int he country. There are also a number of freehold townhouses located east of Glen Erin which offer an affordable option for entry level buyers in the area.

Lorca Cresent

Like Inlake Court, Lorca Cresent is comprised mostly of detached houses with some backing onto the Meadowvale park trail system. Lorca is located in the Gonzaga school district and has some larger homes on the street, making it a good opportunity for a growing family.

Oka Road

Oka is a small street connecting Winston Churchill Blvd with Windwood Drive in Meadowvale. All the homes on the street are detached and many of them have great sized backyards with plenty of trees. I’ve been in a number of homes on this street and I like the layouts. The only drawback with the street is that it is a thru street connecting the neighbourhood with Winston Churchill so the street is a little busier than a court or side street.

Windwood Drive

Windwood Drive is one of the major roads that cuts through South Meadowvale, however all the homes on the street are detached and some of the largest homes in the area are on Windwood. I like this street becasue the homes are well kept and many neighbours have done improvements to them over the past few years such as landscaping and hardscaping. The only downfall is that like Oka Rd, the street is busier than side streets like Inlake or Lorca.

Cheega Court and Oshkin Court

While they are 2 streets, Cheega and Oshkin court are special in that they consist of newer, larger homes when compared with he surrounding area. The homes are larger 1980’s style family homes and many of them back onto Lake Wabukayne park.

Wabukayne Court

A favourite of mine, Wabukayne Court is all detached homes with many of them backing onto Lake Wabukayne Park. Most of the homes are 3 bed with good layouts which make this an excellent street to find a small dream home.

Barrisdale Drive

Barrisdale Drive is the most prestigious looking street in Meadowvale. Consisting of large detached homes surrounded by trees, these are the largest homes in the area.

Cobbinshaw Circle

Cobbinshaw Circle is a quiet street with an even mix of detached and larger semi detached homes. This street is in high demand for a number of reasons including access to Lake Wabukayne, good lot sizes and many of the semis have the popular back split layout.

These are just a few of the great streets in Meadowvale. Looking to buy or sell a home in Meadowvale? Let’s talk!