In my opinion, Lake Wabukayne is one of the best hidden gems in all of Mississauga. Located just north west of the intersection of Erin Mills Parkway and Britannia Rd W in Meadowvale, Lake Wabukayne is a storm water management reservoir that has grown into a naturalized area and is home to many species of birds and wildlife.

The History of Lake Wabukayne

The name of Lake Wabukayne is believed to come from Chief Wabukayne, a Mississauga Ojibwa Chief of the Eagle Clan at the Credit River. The lake was originally a cattle pond created by the Cook(e) family in 1946, who owned the land for generations.

Lake Wabukayne Historic sign

Interpretive sign explaining the History of Lake Wabukayne

Present Day

Lake Wabykaune is a Mississauga City Park. Part of the larger Lake Wabukayne Trail, there’s a walking path that circles the lake providing a serene place to jog or stroll in nature.


The section of the path that surrounds the lake is approximately a 1/2 km, so it’s a good walk for people of all ages. My wife and I enjoy taking my kids there in the nice weather so they can see the ducks and other animals.

Friends of Lake Wabukayne

In 2010, myself and other residents of the local community formed the Friends of  Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Committee to protect the natural environment, educate the public about the natural space and to foster community spirit. In 2011, The Friends of Lake Wabukayne in partnership with the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale was awarded a Trillium Grant from the Province of Ontario to help us in our mission. In addition, the city of Mississauga contributed over $100,000 towards improving the park and Meadowvale Community Christian Reformed Church has been a crititcal partner in the project. From the funds, below are the projects that have been implemented by the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Committee.

Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden at Lake Wabukayne in Meadowvale Mississauga

The Butterfly Garden at Lake Wabukayne in Meadowvale Mississauga

Community Bulletin Board

The Community Bulletin Board at Lake Wabukayne

Stop by the Community Bulletin Board at Lake Wabukayne to see what’s new around the lake and pictures of birds

Redeveloped Lookout

Interpretive sign Lake Wabukayne

My son is looking at one of the interpretive signs installed around Lake Wabukayne

Redeveloped Lookout

Interpretive signs at Lake Wabukayne in Meadowvale

The lookout was rebuilt with funding from the city of Mississauga.

New wheel chair accessible park benches

A wheel chair accessible park bench overlooking Lake Wabukayne in Mississauga

One of a number of wheelchair accessible park benches at Lake Wabukayne. This bench is situated on the new lookout.

Floating island

The floating Island Interpretive sign at Lake Wabukayne

Bee Hotel

Bee hotel at Lake Wabukayne

The newly installed Bee Hotel at Lake Wabukayne

Stewardship Days

Every year, the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Committee, in partnership with the Meadowvale Community Church and the City of Mississauga hosts stewardship day with a BBQ and entertainment. Activities have included tree planting, CPR, live music and other environmental stewardship activities. Local non profit community groups also participate by setting up booths.


Lake Wabukyane is a unique feature in Mississauga that’s worth the visit to Meadowvale. Aside from being just a family park, the lake is the centre of the local community, that brings neighbours together.


Ducks swimming at Lake Wabukayne

Will you be visiting Lake Wabukayne this year?

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  2. […] just received word that yesterday the Interpretative Signs installed around Lake Wabukayne in Meadowvale were attacked again by graffiti […]

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