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Overall Score

Active Outdoor Lifestyle

Almost 8 km of walking trails

2 Lakes – Aquitaine & Wabukayne

Mature trees & greenspace

Commuter Friendly

Easy Access to Highways 401, 403 & 407

Millcreek GO & nearby Lisgar GO Stations

Meadowvale Town Centre Bus Transit Terminal

Relative Affordability

Good variety of homes for all price points

Good for first time home buyers

Good for finding fixer uppers

About Meadowvale

A Nature Lover’s Dream

Meadowvale Overview

Built in the early 1970’s, Meadowvale is a mature suburban community located in north west Mississauga. Located north of Britannia Road and west of Erin Mills Parkway, the community was planned to support the numerous Meadowvale business centres located along Highway 401.

Being a planned community, one of Meadowvale’s unique features is a vast amount of parks and green spaces – including TWO man made lakes that are all interconnected by a system of walking paths. In terms of housing, You will also notice larger lots and mature tree lined streets when compared to newer areas of the city, which only adds to the sense of a natural environment.

There’s a wide array of housing in Meadowvale, including a large concentration semi-detached homes and well-run condo town homes. There are also older apartment condos located near the major intersections and detached homes are mixed with semi detached and town homes. There is a true mix in this village, and the demographics of the residents vary widely. The area is a safe, family-focused village that reflects a variety of cultures, and demographics.

The major advantage of living in Meadowvale is its relative affordability, compared to areas further south and east in Mississauga, especially when you take into account for the size of home & lot, the local amenities, access to quality schools, and the overall quality of the neighbourhood you get. Meadowvale is truly a hidden gem in Mississauga that has begun to get discovered over the last several years.

Meadowvale Real Estate

While most of Meadowvale was developed in the 1970’s, there are some pockets in the west and north parts of the community that were developed in the 1980’s and 90’s . Due to the middle-class working population the area was originally intended for, the older developments have a larger concentration of town homes and semi-detached homes while streets built in the 1980’s have a much higher proportion of detached homes.

The area immediately surrounding Meadowvale Town Centre is densely populated with rental apartment buildings, some of which have been converted to condominiums over the past decade. Home prices in Meadowvale are some of the most affordable in Mississauga, and the area offers great value for the quiet lifestyle the area offers.

Your Typical Neighbour in Meadowvale

Meadowvale has a broad mix of residents representing all age groups and backgrounds. Due to the age of the community you’ll find more long time residents, however recently  there has been an influx of younger buyers moving into the area to take advantage of the more affordable prices when compared to other areas of the city.

Regardless of background, people who live in Meadowvale tend to enjoy the community’s outdoor spaces and amenities.


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Housing Chracteristics

The Most Common Styles of Homes in Meadowvale

Score Factor 1: Housing Characteristics

Most of Meadowvale has distinctive 1970’s architecture, with many homes detailed with wood trim and angular lines. Many streets in Meadowvale have tall, mature trees and the area has an organic, wooded feel. Over the past few years there has been a significant amount of turnover in the area, with younger families moving in which has increased the amount of renovations and improvements to the area’s curb appeal.

Condo Town Homes

There are many condo town home complexes in Meadowvale that give buyers a good amount of choice. Most are very well run and there has been recent investments in exterior upgrades and landscaping. Most complexes have monthly fees ranging from $250-$400 a month. Many are very large comparable to other areas of the city, with large windows and even 4 beds, which is great for families. Due to the age of the area, some units can benefit from cosmetic upgrading, and for a person with vision,this gives you the opportunity to build your own equity

a topwn house complex on montevideo rd in Meadowvale Mississauga

Semi Detached Homes

There are semi-detached homes dominating all areas of Meadowvale, many of which are of considerable size and with large lots. The curb appeal of these streets is not as strong; but the lawns are neat and the homes mostly maintained. Due to the age of these homes, you should look out for past renovations and home improvements and seek professional opinion as to whether they are up to code and done properly. Many of these homes would benefit from some cosmetic updating, and their size relative to other newer developments in the city gives potential for more open floor plans

70‘s & 80’s Detached Homes

An oddity of the design of Meadowvale is that the biggest homes are on the main side streets, with the semi detached on the courts and crescents. The southern section of Meadowvale was built in the 1970’s, and these homes have brick/siding mix, mostly 3 and 4 bed,  with good sized back yards relative to other areas of the city. The section of Meadowvale west of Winston Churchill was built in the 80’s-90’s, mostly brick front, 3 and 4 bed and all detached. These lots are much shallower and the trees are not as large as in the older areas of Meadowvale.


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Community Vibe

and Amenities

Score Factor 2: Community Vibe & Amenities

Meadowvale boasts two man-made lakes (Lake Wabukayne & Lake Aquitaine) as wells as secluded parks and many kilometres of walking trails. This area is wonderful for people of all ages to get out and stay active. Shopping is abundant in Meadowvale, with Power Centres at the 401, The Meadowvale Town Centre, and a 5 minute drive to Erin Mills Town Centre and also to Streetsville. Commuting from Meadowvale is convenient, with its own GO Train station, and quick access to the 401 and 407.

If you are looking for picket-fence suburbia, Meadowvale is not it. It definitely has a more urban vibe, with the apartments buildings and condos. There is a diversity of people of all income levels that you must embrace in Meadowvale, it is not a 1-dimensional village. This predominant vibe of today (as it had a different reputation in the past) is that it’s a safe, quiet, family oriented village for middle and working class families.

Yes, We have 2 Lakes

Ok, ok, they are man made lakes. They exist to control storm water overflow and reduce flood risks. If you walk around the lake you will see the damn, but these lakes have grown and matured with vegetation so well that you’d never guess that they weren’t always there.

Lake Wabukayne means “White Snow”, named after the Mississauga band Chief who signed the Toronto Purchase and Mississauga purchase in 1805. Lake Aquitaine is named after a historic region in the south of France. Built over 30 years ago, there are city archive photos of Hazel overseeing construction, and the short-lived period where boating was permitted.

Today, they are surrounded with mature trees, and walking trails with a fitness circuit built in along the paths. Residents truly appreciate their hidden treasure, as there are always people out walking their dogs, riding a bike or taking a stroll. If you enjoy being active outdoors, Meadowvale is one of the best Villages to live.

Interpretive signs at Lake Wabukayne in Meadowvale

Parks, Paths & Trails

In the 1970’s, all of Meadowvale was promoted as the “New Town in the Country”. Original residents can tell you about how Winston Churchill was a quiet 2 lane road, and you would literally drive through farmland before reaching South Erin Mills or Old Milton – Central Erin Mills, Lisgar and Churchill Meadows did not exist. Only Streetsville was a close drive, and for a long time, Meadowvale was considered the blue-collar outpost of the historic Streetsville village.

Combine this relative isolation with almost 8 km of walking trails, there was once a time where the “New Town in the Country” would ring true. You can reach almost every corner of Meadowvale without leaving the quiet, meandering paths. Today, Meadowvale is a unique balance of urban density with natural habitat. This village is a transportation hub for commuters, and infill is nothing but mid-rise and high-rise condos. But no matter where you live, you can quickly access the system of pathways that will lead you through endless parks, schoolyards and lakes to enjoy the serenity you would expect on a quiet country stroll.

Map of the Lake Wabukayne Trail in Meadowvale Mississauga
Tree carving on the trail at Lake Wabukayne

Shopping & Recreation

The remodelled Meadowvale Community Centre & Library is the village’s new pride and joy. For decades, Meadowvale sat at the bottom of the docket for neighbourhood improvements; the library was small and crammed into the Meadowvale Town Centre, and the Recreation Centre was slowly falling into disrepair. Now, it is a thoughtful, modern, and airy design that provide beautiful views of nature at every turn. The contemporary structure hosts a library, gymnasium, pool, weight gym, activity rooms (including a cooking studio), outdoor patio, outdoor basketball court and splash pad. Click here to read my full article about the new rec centre. 

There is a ton of shopping and restaurants in Meadowvale, albeit of the franchise and box store variety. However, this is likely due to its proximity to Streetsville’s Queen Street, which is full of indie shops and boutiques. So you truly get the best of both worlds in Meadowvale with access to a wide variety of shopping and dining.

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Quality and Rankings

Score Factor 3: Quality & Ranking of Schools



  • The majority of Meadowvale falls within the boundaries of the public school, Meadowvale Secondary. Though trending upwards in reports, it has not historically been a top ranked school.


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Compared to Other Villages in Mississauga

Score Factor 4: Overall Affordability & Value


Compared to the rest of Mississauga, this area is very affordable; one of the best priced in the city. Prices always reflect demand, and although Meadowvale is safe and has many good qualities, there are negatives that deter certain large groups of buyers. For example, most homes are at least 30 years old and do require upkeep. The growing trend of most buyers is that they want a brand new, all brick home with little maintenance. In Meadowvale, both the homes and yards require upkeep so some buyers don’t prefer Meadowvale. So, if you are one who likes larger lots, older trees and don’t mind a home that isn’t all brick, your money will stretch far further in Meadowvale.


Meadowvale offers some of the most value in the city. Meadowvale has so much to offer the family buyer; it is a quiet and safe community, certain areas have access to top schools, and it has tons of shopping, green space and transit. Its biggest downfall is that the age & style of home is not what most younger buyers crave, and it has a past reputation that it is still in process of overcoming.


We believe that an educated buyer is a successful buyer. The more you know, the better. With our Buyer’s Program, you can access answers to all the most common buyer questions and concerns. Learn how we protect your interests with our proven system and higher standards of operation. Build your own custom home search and know we’re here for you when YOU are ready – no hassles, no pushy phone calls, just great service.

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