Older Suburban Homes are Back in Vogue in Mississauga

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Older Suburban Homes are definitely back in Vogue among home buyers in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. Over the past 20 years as the price of land has risen, most of the development in the west GTA has focused on larger, more dense subdivisions such as Churchill Meadows in Mississauga. While many people dream of a new home, there is a growing trend among sophisticated buyers to look towards the traditional suburban neighbourhoods of the 1960’s and 1970’s to find their next home, because these areas offer a lifestyle that is no longer being catered to in the newer subdivisions. From new families looking to ‘add equity’ to an older home, to empty nesters who want to renovate and customize a home to fit their lifestyle, buyers are once again looking in the areas that were the cutting edge 30-40 years ago.

Long gone are the days where Mississauga and the other Toronto suburbs were known only as vast expanses of homes with no amenities or culture for miles. In fact, the vast majority of new developments in the GTA are just as dense as some areas in Toronto, as builders get smarter and realize that it’s cheaper (and more appealing) to build on smaller lots thereby fitting more homes into a subdivision.

Below are 2 embedded google street views where you will find million dollar homes in west Mississauga, the first in a newer subdivision called Churchill Meadows and the second in Sawmill Valley– a more traditional 30+ year old suburban area in Erin Mills. Scroll over the picture to get a 360 view & explore a little.

Churchill Meadows (above), Sawmill Valley (Below)

A side by side satellite view shows the difference in population density, lot size, trees and green space. (click on the picture to enlarge)

This is one example of what you can get in the million dollar range in west Mississauga. In Churchill Meadows you will get a newer home with all the latest fixtures, upgrades and decor, but you will definitely sacrifice on backyard, and privacy. In Sawmill Valley, a smaller community in Erin Mills you get prestige, curb appeal, privacy and land size, but you may have to re decorate or renovate to bring the home up to date. However in many cases the work is well worth it, as an older home on a large mature lot that is in top condition and upgraded will grow more in value over time because Land is King in real estate.

This is only one example of many areas that I can show you where older suburban homes are back in vogue. The difference between now and 40 years ago is that it’s not just your typical young family looking for a white picket fence in the ‘burbs. What is more interesting is that you can find examples in a variety of price points from starter homes to Million dollar homes. Lastly, I would like to comment that while 90% of all home building going forward will be similar to Churchill Meadows, I can almost guarantee that you will never see a 70’s style neighbourhood such as Sawmill Valley being developed in the future, because areas like this are just too expensive to develop on a large scale in the GTA.

Looking for a 1960’s- 1980’s home with good bones that you want to add your personal touch to? Let’s talk!


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