mississauga community volunteer award presented to jeff o'leary

Community Volunteer Award

Earlier this month Jeffrey O’Leary was honoured to receive the City of Mississauga’s Ward 9 Volunteer Award. Presented by Ward 9 City Councillor Pat Saito, this award recognizes residents of Meadowvale and Central Erin Mills, who have volunteered for a minimum of 5 years in their local community.

For close to 10 years, Jeff has been actively involved in the local community, as an original member and Chair of the Lake Wabukyane Stewardship Committee and as a member of the Rotary Club of Mississauga-Meadowvale. City wide, Jeff volunteered for a number of events including participating in a citizens committee on storm water management, and serving as a Director on the Mississauga Real Estate Board.

Jeff believes that Mississauga is at a cross roads in terms of development. Gone are the days of endless streets of large suburban homes, and now we are looking at urban intensification as our city matures. As a resident, getting involved in your local community is the best way to give back and to help shape the future of our community.

For those of you thinking of volunteering, I highly encourage you to do so. There’s a high sense of satisfaction from helping others and I believe that in the long run, you always get more back than you give!

Jeffrey O'Leary poses with a cheque for $10,000 donated to the Eden Food Bank

Jeff O’Leary and the Rotary Club of Meadowvale was Proud to Raise over $10,000 for the Eden Food bank.

Do you have an idea for a project that will help the local community in north-west Mississauga? The Rotary Club of Meadowvale is always looking for new ideas and groups to partner with to make our a community a better place. If so I encourage you to contact me, I’d love to hear your idea and see if we can help.

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