Our friends at Realtor.com in the US have produced what I must say is the coolest video series aimed at first time home buyers called ‘The Home Buying Process in Plain English‘. It’s funny, entertaining and does a good job at introducing prospective first time home buyers to the process without making it too boring. Does it gloss over some of the finer points of buying a home? Sure, but that’s what you hire a realtor like me for! All in all I think it’s a great series and anyone thinking about buying a home will find informative.

Below are the 5 episodes in chronological order, please note that while the overall process is in Canada is similar, there are some terms and ways that real estate is sold that are different in the US versus Canada. Feel free to contact me and I’ll go over how our process is different in Ontario.


1. Knowing When You’re Ready

2. Mortgage Lending 101

3. The Search

4. The Offer

5. Closing The Sale