*** This was an article and video created almost 8 years ago. A lot has changed since then (including my grey hair!) but I still find it entertaining. For more up to date information be sure to check out The Villages of Mississauga for the most up to date information.

Credit River Homes

Homes near the Credit River in Mississauga are some of the most prestigious and expensive areas in all of Ontario. Along this 27 km stretch, villages such as Port Credit, Mineola, Erindale, Crediview, Streetsville, and Meadowvale Village all enjoy the views of the Credit River. Included in this is the exclusive Mississauga Road, where many Credit River Homes worth millions of dollars are nestled along the river. There is also 1500 acres of greenspace along the Credit river, ensuring every resident of these communities can enjoy its beauty. Come along with the Village Guru and see why the Credit River offers so much value to the residents of these communities.

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