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Real Estate is a personal business, and the best way a realtor can be recognized is by their face. Newspaper spreads, billboards, signs, bus shelters… in fact almost every piece of marketing a realtor does usually has their face slapped all over it.

Ego at it’s finest…

How do you choose which realtor to sell your home? Shouldn’t you choose the one who has slapped his or her face on the most billboards in town? While this advertising might attract you when you’re looking to sell, what you should really care about is what types of advertising attracts buyers.

Here’s the real deal: Fame Doesn’t Sell Houses.

Home Buyers don’t care about magazine spreads and billboard ads, they have bigger things to worry about, like finding the wonderful new home they want to buy. They are looking at the house, NOT the realtor who listed the house. Don’t think for one minute that a buyer comes to your home because of the name on the listing sign.

Time and time again it all comes down to what your realtor will do to sell your home, how they’ll market it and what level of service you’ll receive. Will you even hear from a famous agent once the paperwork is signed, or will you be dealing with one of their assisting agents? Fame does not necessarily equal better service or better results. It does mean a much higher marketing budget where there is a requirement to crank out listings to pay for it.

There are many different philosophies about how to best run a real estate business,  just make sure you are asking the right questions so that you get the service and experience you deserve.

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