Its great to see Jamie Sarner taking the time to research all of the real estate blogs out there against a specific set of criteria, and giving merit where merit is due. I personally think there is no one better to assess our industry than one of our own, as he understands what’s truly important and how to cut through the fluff.

This year we moved up the ranks a little, to spot #21.

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The public has no idea (nor should they) how long it takes to craft an article that we hope to be insightful and valuable to buyers and sellers. Often its 1-2 days of hard work, and then we hit submit, for our hard work to float out to cyberspace where we wonder if it will ever even get read? Creating content is not just a long term strategy, it’s a marathon long term strategy, and the sheer persistence it takes to not only build but just continue can feel to be of mount everest proportions. So bravo to all the professionals on this list, as I for one know how many hours logged and how many times you wrote, and edited, and edited, and edited again. Keep up the good fight!