Although the topic of my speech is geared towards realtors, and how to attract potential customers, I wanted to share it out to everyone because I think it’s important for you to know that I was chosen as a featured speaker for this training series. This training series reaches thousands of realtors across the province each year, doing multiple stops from Niagara to Ottawa to Sudbury and everywhere in between.

2015 was my first year as a speaker for OREA, and I have just recently completed my second speaker session with them this month. When OREA chooses their speakers, they are looking for engaging personalities, who can offer cutting edge expertise and advice about what makes their business successful. And in the end, we all know that a truly successful business is one that service the needs of their clients, not just themselves.

In a muddy world where everyone is telling you they’re the best, who really is? The best compared to what? top 1% in Mississauga, or  top10% in Ontario, or #1 Port Credit Realtor, or Top Producing team for 2016? What does it all mean? Anyone who has taken a stats class knows all the numbers can be manipulated, but the clients I work with are looking for more than just a number, they want service. They want expertise and solid advice. They want integrity. This is why I feel I stand out among my peers in the value I can offer.

So you may or may not want to watch the actual video, but anytime I can show you that I have be recognized by the industry as leader in my field, I want to share this with you so that you can have that much more confidence in The Village Guru.