Trelawny Woods, Lisgar Real Estate

Trelawny Woods Park located inside Trelawny Estates in Lisgar, is a great park that has something for everyone in the family. The park has great paths for strolling and also has sports fields to keep you active.

Map of Trelawny Woods

Trelawny Woods is located in Trelawny Estates, Lisgar

Trelawny Woods is centrally located so it’s easy to get to from anywhere in Trelawny Estates.

Entrance to Trelawny Woods Park

One of a number of entrances to Trelawny Woods


There is a path that cuts through the forest in that’s very quiet and serine. It’s a great space for an early morning stroll.

Trelawny Woods Forest Path

Forest path in Trelawny Woods park


Park path at Trelawny Woods

Park path at Trelawny Woods Park


The park has plenty of open space for exercise, there are soccer fields, softball diamonds and a children’s playground.

Trelawny Woods Soccer Field

Soccer Field at Trelawny Woods Park

Softball diamond, Trelawny Woods

Trelawny Woods Softball Diamond

Trelawny Woods park is just one of many factors that make Trewlany Estates in Lisgar a fantastic neighbourhood. It’s an excellent park and if you haven’t, I encourage you to visit the next time you’re in the area. Looking to find out more about Trelawny Estates, Lisgar, Mississauga or real estate in the West GTA? Let’s talk!


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