Now that the spring real estate market is in full swing, I’ve noticed and increase in the questions and emails I receive from the public that revolve around the topic: Should I Stage My House Before Selling?

If you have sold a staged house in the past and were happy with the shorter time spent on market, better offers, less haggling,
and successful outcome congratulations! There’s no need for you to read further.

For everyone else who may not know the process, read on.

The quick answer: Yes.

I know what some of you are thinking, ‘of course you want me to do this, you’re a real estate agent! I’ll spend time and money to make this home look better, just to make your job easier!’

My response to that is Yes, with a smile! Yes it will make my job easier and more enjoyable because selling a well presented home is always better. More importantly, it’s better for you. Less time on market means less showings, less being inconvenienced by showings, and less cleaning. I’m not going to pretend that opening your home to scrutiny by strangers is easy because it’s not. The faster you can make a great deal, the faster you can get back to normal.

Then there’s the money factor. Ask any real estate agent, talk to any home buyer, research it until your heart is content. Well presented homes sell for more money- period. How much more? It’s not uncommon to see a well presented home sell for 3-5% more. 70% of buyers want turn key and will pay more for it.

Have you ever walked into a model home or condo sales centre? Chances are it was professionally decorated with furniture and accessories to fit the space. Or in real estate lingo, “Staged”. Why does Ikea spend millions building fancy kitchens, living room and other showrooms to sell furniture? Because it works.

Should you stage your home before selling? I’m willing to bet thousands that you should!

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