If so then you’re not alone. Many people buy a home based off how it looks only to find out once they move in that that the neighbourhood doesn’t fit their lifestyle needs.

For this case study, our clients were victims of loving the house they bought with a previous realtor who was referred to them by a friend of a friend. The agent was not from the area and while they were able to read an MLS listing sheet, they lacked the knowledge and expertise to find them a home in the right neighbourhood.

Just like many other home owners who were counting on their realtor to provide area expertise, they were disappointed. Soon after they moved in they discovered they hated the neighbourhood.

My clients found me online, searching for where the best places are to live in Mississauga. When I came on scene, the main priority was finding them new neighbourhood that would make them happy for many years to come. They didn’t want to make the same mistake again so I focused our search in the beginning on narrowing down areas that would suit their lifestyle. Once we did that then we began to seriously look at homes.

We focused on buying first, and based off of my clients personality, budget, needs and wants, we ended up moving them to a lovely neighbourhood in west Oakville. The owners were a wonderful example of being 100% supportive and willing to do whatever it took to sell. The house was newer and in good condition, it just needed to be streamlined and accessorized. They removed several large pieces of furniture to improve flow and layout. We focused on letting the features of the home take centre stage, like the wood floors and large windows, as this was a high demand area and was expected to draw strong interest.

Living Room

In the end we sold their house for the highest ever on the street, and sold it with 5 competing offers. My clients were thrilled, but even more importantly, they found the right neighbourhood for their son to grow up in, and that would make them happy for years to come.