How Much Does Home Staging Cost

Is Furniture Rental Worth It?

I am tempted to say yes on both accounts. Furniture rental is not cheap, and to most people, it feels very ridiculous. The payoff is there but you have to want to spend money to make money….and this philosophy is not for everyone. If I told most people to hand over $30 dollars and at the end of the day I’ll give them $150, most will say “that’s great! I’m in!” Low cost, yet low reward too. Renting furniture is for people who can tolerate higher costs and risk. Fully furnishing 4 rooms (or partially furnishing up to 8 rooms)  is going to cost $2,500 to $3,000, but at the end of the sale, you can net up to $15,000 or more, depending on the market and style of home. It is very possible earn 5 times or more on your investment but it’s not for everyone and I understand that.

In a previous article, I outlined the general principles and costs, about $700 per room per month. This is not decorating. My stager tries to use every single item you already have that is updated and attractive. We don’t pull everything out of the room for the sake of starting over. If we’re lucky, maybe we only need to switch out your sofa and coffee table, or get a new headboard and side tables for your bedroom. We do out best to keep costs as low as possible, but there the other fees such as delivery and tax.

So who is the typical profile of my clients who have used furniture rentals? These are some common attributes:

  • They were not emotionally connected to their Home Property
  • They saw their property as an investment opportunity
  • They owned a property in a high demand area
  • Their property was always either a) a condo or b) high end home
  • They were prepared to invest money in their home for the purpose of getting a good return on investment
  • They hired me for my expertise, advice and knowledge – they trusted me and respected my input.

Furniture rental (with its cost) is not for everyone, and I appreciate that. However it is my job to recommend everything that will help the sale of your home and if this is something that is needed, I won’t shy away from the conversation. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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