My favourite part about the holiday season is the chance for everyone to slow down and reflect on the year that just passed, and recharge our batteries for the upcoming year. Spending time with friends and having a little fun is one way of doing this and it gives us a chance to say thanks. On Saturday we had our annual Santa Photo Shoot Event for clients and friends and like in years past, this event was a huge success.

Why wait in a hot, long line at the mall for hours just to get a shot with Santa when you can schedule a time to come down and have a professional portrait done that will give you memories for years to come? We have snacks and activities for the children while they wait, no lines or crying kids. The event is organized so the amount of time you wait is way less than the mall. Want more than one shot? Our professional photographer will take as long as you need to get the perfect shot.

Most of my clients spent 30 minutes tops at the event. Arrive, schedule your time, have some snacks, get your photo and carry on with your day. Best of all it’s free, our way of saying thanks!

Thank you to everyone who attended this year and I hope to see even more of you next year!

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