I just received word that yesterday the Interpretative Signs installed around Lake Wabukayne in Meadowvale were attacked again by graffiti bandits.

A lot of people spent a great deal of time working on these signs, and judging from the reaction of the community the signs are a huge success. They educate the community but more importantly, I think they bring a real feeling of pride to the area and are a testament to what a community can do to make a better space for everyone.

On hearing the news, my first reaction was anger. I thought to myself, “They should instate corporal punishment for incidents like this, maybe a flogging or something of that matter…”. Now back to reality, I don’t believe any type of physical punishment will make anything better. While I hope these vandals are caught by the police and prosecuted for the crime, that is out of my hands and secondary in nature. Just like the last time, we will clean the signs and move on. We knew this could happen when we decided to install the signs. This is what happens when you live in a populated area where .001% of the residents think painting their name or ‘tag’ makes them an important person. The reality is that Meadowvale is an extremely safe community. I will go out on a limb to guess that the perpetrator is a misguided young man with a chip on his shoulder and nothing better to do with his time.

To the person(s) who did this and do this kind of thing, here is my message to you:

You may think you have gotten away with this, but sooner or later karma has a way of coming around. One day you will have something that is important to you and someone will come around and destroy it for no reason what so ever. Maybe it will be your car, or your house or your career. every action has a reaction. I hope the five dollar sharpie pen was worth it.