Essential Home Lighting Tips to get your home out of the dark ages.

When you think of the rules of real estate, what commands more money? First is always location, which we cannot change. Second, is the size of home, which is also very difficult. While it can be very difficult to renovate to make the space bigger, we can play with how big the space FEELS by improving home lighting.

Perceived value is just as good as real value when it comes to the sale price of your home. The goal is to have buyers feeling that your home is more spacious than other homes for sale, and a great trick to make this happen is lighting.

Bright rooms feel bigger; they eliminate dark shadows and dreary corners. It’s a psychological effect where buyers FEEL your space is nicer, fresher, newer, and bigger. Below are some expert home lighting tips for improving your home’s lighting situation.

1) Natural Light

natural light is nature's greatest gift to home sellers. Make sure all window coverings are open at all times to allow the maximum amount of light in the home. Home lighting tips

natural light is nature’s greatest gift to home sellers. Make sure all window coverings are open at all times to allow the maximum amount of light in the home.

Natural light is king, and the first and cheapest step is to ensure you are getting maximum light from your windows. Even if you have the most beautiful California Shutters, now is not the time to keep them closed. Pull up your blinds, open up our shutters and draw open your drapes. For pictures and showings you want every last drop of natural light to get into your home.

2) Ceiling Fixtures

Upgraded lighting is a small investment that can add a big return on your investment. Home Lighting Tips

Upgraded lighting is a small investment that can add a big return on your investment.

No builder in the history of North America has ever installed the proper amount of lighting in a home. Why? Because installing the minimum possible is the cheapest option. Many homes built in the 1970’s and early 1980’s are especially lacking, where there might only be 1 ceiling fixture in the kitchen and 1 in the dining room. If the majority of your rooms do NOT have a ceiling fixture, it would be a good idea to get a quote from electrician to see the cost of wiring lights in the bedrooms and living room.

If you have ceiling fixtures in most rooms, upgrade the lights to fixtures with more light bulbs in each. This is not a costly proposition. For ceiling flush-mounts, you can get 2 for $20, and chandeliers cost $150 – $250 for elegant statement pieces. Lighting is both practical and artistic: make sure it’s beautiful!

The Room By Room Breakdown

It is very likely that most of your rooms need an upgrade in lighting as it’s something most people never do. Many sellers ask if they can just buy a lamp set instead of dealing with ceiling fixtures, but that’s just putting money in the wrong place. 99% of agents don’t turn on lamps when showing a home to their clients, so it’s wasted money. Take the time and effort to put money where it will actually make the difference.

When considering lighting in any space, stick to fixtures with white shades or glass, nothing yellow. It casts a better light. Avoid glass that is leaded, beveled or mottled, as this refracts light and casts a dimmer, poorer light.

  • Hallways, Living Rooms & Bedrooms. Save money here by using the Home Depot, tried and true, flush mount. I recommend the same light over and over because it has 3 lights, white glass and is a clean modern line.

flushmount light

3) Master Bedroom, Eat-In Kitchen & Dining Room. Invest $150-$250 for these 3 light fixtures, as we want both more light and a beautiful element. Many homes built in the 70’s and 80’s are lacking any distinguishing features; often these rooms feel like square boxes. Lighting can become an architectural focal point that adds tons of character to these rooms. Stylish fixtures grab the attention of the buyer and offer a lot of value to them. For the master bedroom and kitchen, you can choose a 3 light fixture. For the dining room, choose a minimum of 4-6 light fixture. Below are just a few examples of affordable lighting fixtures you can find at a big box home improvement store. Our team works with you to find the most affordable option that will best suit your space.

4) Bathrooms. Many owners still have the original light from the builder. So it works, but probably doesn’t offer the ideal amount of light and definitely doesn’t command top dollar. Choose the biggest fixture you can, not to exceed the size of the vanity. Ideally this is at least 4 -6 lights.

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