As much as I appreciate all the other villages in Mississauga, few rival Lorne Park for many reasons. Today I want to talk about one of the most appealing features to me: it’s sheer variety of home styles. Due to the age of the Lorne park area, homes were built in pockets over time meaning that there is no one ‘cookie cutter’ look that is common in other suburban neighbourhoods. Every decade brought a few hundred more homes, as land was portioned off and sold to developers. Then, as the value of the area continued to increase, the older homes on large lots were torn down to make room for custom new builds.

The results are absolutely charming and unique. In Lorne Park you can see everything from classic 2 storey homes, to bungalows from the 50’s and 60’s, wide lot ranches from the 70’s, newer 2-storey homes from the 80’s and 90’s and then the last builder development in Watercolours in early 2000’s. From this point many investors and wealthy home owners have torn down the old cottage homes and build custom homes in many styles; French Provincial is the style du jour.

These homes represent the styles of homes you will find in Lorne Park, and there’s even more than this. If you love a neighbourhood that is in no way cookie cutter, you will love Lorne Park. Not to mention the wide lots, mature trees, proximity to the lake and Port Credit, excellent schools (yes it IS family friendly) and luxury appeal. Lorne Park has and will always be one of my favourite villages in Mississauga.


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