More and more as time goes on, the more I value curb appeal. Not just in terms of buying and selling (if you’ve followed my previous articles you know I’m big on this!) but as an indicator of the neighborhood.

Curb appeal in the way I’m referring to it has nothing to do with average price, or ‘reputation’ of an area. It has to do with the people who live in the neighborhood, and what they value. Homes that look well cared for show respect not only for the neighbors, but also for the people living there. Curb appeal tells me, ‘is this the area I want to call home? Will these neighbors be friendly and care about our common shared space?’

It’s spring, and it’s sad that as I drive around I see certain streets, blocks and even neighborhoods in Mississauga where no one cares what the outside of their home looks like. For the cost of a few dollars and the effort to do a little work it baffles me that people would neglect their biggest investment.

In closing, I will say its not all lost if you live in one of these areas (if you want more specifics contact me) because peer pressure does work! All it takes is one home to get the ‘I care the way my lawn and front of my house looks ‘ and others follow.

Do you live in an area where your neighbours don’t maintain their homes? I’d love to hear from you!