Schools are becoming increasingly important in real estate.

Especially in the west GTA, in cities such as Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington, where schools can directly relate to how ‘in demand’ a particular area is to potential home buyers. Part of the reason for the increased importance of school ranking among home buyers is the publishing of EQAO scores by the province of Ontario and reports such as the Fraser Institute report on school performance which helps the public look at the data and determine how good a school is and if it is a good fit for their family lifestyle.

How does school ranking relate to real estate? If you take two similar homes, with similar characteristics and amenities but one of the homes is in the school boundaries of a better school, you will see a higher price and better appreciation over the long-term.

Great Schools will always have a POSITIVE impact on a home’s value

The bottom line is that regardless of whether you have children or not, great schools will affect your bottom dollar when you go to sell a home. Make sure you keep school rankings in mind if you are looking to buy a home as it is will always be a smart real estate decision!


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