Our Philosophy

In asking new clients about past experiences with other realtors, what we found is that they were overwhelmingly ignored or left out of the sales process. There was a big sales pitch, a lot of promises, and it quickly dwindled into an occasional email or phone call. The only time they saw their agent again was when an offer came in. Did the house sell? Usually, yes it did. Most houses sell as long as the terms are within the realm of reason. But did they really get the best sales price? Did the agent really offer the best advice? Did they do everything they could to prepare the home? Did they get a good price for their new home or were they pushed into buying too fast? Most clients were overwhelmingly unimpressed with their past experience, and were left with serious doubts if they got the best representation.

It is very much a world where you can be made to feel like just a number, a source of revenue for others. Whether it be your bank, with your cable or cell phone company, in the returns line at a retail store, it seems you get no service without a lot of effort on your part. Selling your home and buying a home MUST be different. There is a huge gap between what clients needed, and what they get. This is where we laid the foundation of our business philosophy. We built a service-based system that demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ best interests, to work with integrity, honesty and passion.

We are not a company that processes real estate transactions. The Village Guru is a service-based organization which provides guidance and industry expertise to clients who are selling or buying property.

We Take the Time to Get to Know You

And most importantly what concerns you most about the process. Is it whether to buy or sell first? Or how to get top dollar? Or how to minimize disruption to your children? Or ensure you sell in a certain timeline? We learn your priorities to ensure we meet YOUR needs. We need to work together as a team, and so we need to understand each other very well.


We Regularly Communicate with You

This isn’t about letting you know you can call with any questions, which puts all of the onus on you to make contact. We schedule calls with you, to proactively address your needs. We know what the common concerns are, and we will address them with you before you have to worry about them for weeks. Our standard of business integrity means you’re not only getting the truth, but the whole truth. We won’t leave information out, because you’re never on a “need to know” basis. We have systems of communication in place so that your needs, thoughts and concerns are the focus of our business. This is the only way we earn your trust in us and in our advice.


We Always Tell You How to Get a Top Dollar Sale

How your home is presented is THE MOST important factor in getting a Top Dollar Sale, and so Home Preparation & Staging is the cornerstone of our sales process. We like to work with clients who want to be part of this process. We create a customized plan that is based around your needs, abilities and timeline so that is reasonable and you can feel good about it. For some clients, we have helped them replace their kitchen, including cabinet design and sourcing materials. For some, it’s finding contractors and choosing a new stain finish for floors or paint colours for walls. For others, it’s helping them move and pack extra items into storage and re-arrange furniture. For all of our clients, it’s providing regular check-ins, feedback and assistance in any way necessary. We front-load our investment to ensure we get you every last dollar from the sale of your home. You will have no doubts that you got the highest possible price.


It’s Never about Getting the Deal Done ~ It’s Always about Helping You Make the Best Decisions

Our core business principles state that we are hired to work for your best interests. Once we know your priorities, we focus on this for everything we do. And to be honest, the process can shift both ways. Sometimes you get excited about buying a house that doesn’t really meet the needs you said you had, and we will ask you to slow down and reconsider. New priorities can rise to the top and as long as you’ve gone through due process to ensure this new home is truly the best fit for you, we will then fight to get you that home for the best price. Sometimes there is a home that does meet all of your needs but you’re not feeling it. Often the cosmetic finishes of a home confuse or bother our clients. Before you move along, we will also ask you to take some time to reconsider the intrinsic value of a home that meets your needs and weigh your priorities. We might very well move on to the next home, but as your advisors, hired to protect your best interest, we won’t gloss over anything. We want to ensure any decision you make is well considered for the long term effect.

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