Article about moving to mississauga

Are you moving to Mississauga from another town or country?

Mississauga is a big city with many diverse neighbourhoods that offer something for every buyer. From traditional suburban areas to newer subdivisions and century old homes, you can find what ever you’re looking for. From my experience working with many home buyers re locating from out of town, below are some of the top concerns of people who are moving to Mississauga.

Air planes

Mississauga is home to Pearson International Airport, Canada’s busiest airport. While it’s great for our economy, it’s sometimes not so great if you’re an outdoor person and live on a busy flight path. While home prices are generally more affordable in  areas affected by air plane noise, for many people living on a flight path is a no go. If planes are an issue make sure to do your research and find a realtor who knows the area because depending on what run way is being used when you visit a home, you may see clear skies that day and get a big surprise when you move in.


Central Erin Mills schools real estate

Schools rankings are important for family buyers. Neighbourhoods such as Central Erin Mills are very popular for home buyers with children

The effect of schools on real estate values are becoming more important as time goes on. Mississauga has some excellent schools that are among the best in the province, but it also has some schools that are not so great. If schools are important to you then this will have an impact on where you live. Here are some interesting points on schools in Mississauga.

  • Property values and school performance are not always in sync in Mississauga. Just because you are paying big bucks for a home doesn’t mean you will be in a top school district. In fact, there are great schools available in every price point, you just have to know where to look
  • Depending on what area you are looking at, the public and Catholic school scores can vary greatly. Don’t assume that because the Public school scores well that the Catholic school in the area will score the same, or vice a versa
  • The vast majority of public grade schools in Mississauga do not appear on the Fraser Report, so if you are concerned about performance make sure to check EQAO
  • Click here for a list of TOP High Schools in Mississauga

Go Train & Transit

Moving to Mississauga find a home by a go train station

Being close to a Go Train Station just the like the Port Credit Station shown in this photo might be important if you commute to downtown Toronto often.

Part of Mississauga’s appeal is it’s vicinity to Toronto without the high prices. Many people commute from Mississauga to Toronto on a daily basis for work so if commute time is a concern, make sure to live close to a station. Also ensure the line you live on runs during your work schedule. While the Lake shore line runs all day, 7 days a week, the Milton line only runs during peak times Monday to Friday. Check ahead of time to make sure.

Neighbourhood Demographics

While Mississauga as a whole is socially and ethnically diverse, the diversity is not spread equally throughout the city.  If this is a concern for you make sure you are working with a realtor who understands the neighbourhoods in Mississauga and will find you the right home for your lifestyle.

Future Value

A shot of freehold town houses in Churchill Meadwos

Freehold Row Town Houses in Churchill Meadows

Real estate isn’t static and what was popular 20 years ago might be so desirable today and visa versa. Knowing what is going on in an area, planned development and other factors can give you the inside edge on finding the best area for you.

If you are moving to Mississauga I hope this post will help point you in the right direction. If you are looking for a great realtor that will guide you on everything you need to know about Mississauga, let’s talk!