home buyer tip watch what you sayIt almost always happens when I’m showing homes to buyers, we visit a few until finally we get to the one. The house that ticks all the boxes, hits all the right buttons. The visit usually ends in the kitchen, and that’s when the discussion almost always begins, everyone gathered around the nice kitchen island, kind of like in an Ikea commercial… So how much do you think this is worth? Do you think they will include the Sub Zero fridge? Should we start low and….

Hold it right there. As much as I like these questions, if you’ve worked with me in the past you will know that my response will be something like,

“Call me superstitious, but I don’t like discussing price or other details like that inside the home.”

In fact, I don’t like discussing this in the backyard or even on the driveway. Am I superstitious? Nope.

What I’m actually doing is protecting you as my client. You see, you never know who is listening. Recording devices, nanny cams, and other surveillance equipment- I’ve seen it all and I don’t put it past some sellers to use this to their advantage. While I don’t think it is necessarily beneficial for a seller to eavesdrop on a home buyer (because they don’t understand the context of the conversation) it happens. Take it from me, use your time in the house to determine if the home is the best fit for you, by all means take notes and compare but don’t talk numbers inside the house. There’s plenty of time for that later.

Call me superstitious 🙂


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