How to Choose Bathroom Tiles For your Renovation

Deciding to update your bathroom tiles is a big decision. With renovation comes surprises, mess, and disruption, even if you aren’t changing the layout at all. For most clients, the hardest part about updating a bathroom is choosing the bathroom tiles. It’s such a daunting decision because once they get installed, those tiles aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

In this article I’m going to go over 4 tips on how to choose tiles that will give you stylish updated look, while at the same time not being so cutting edge that they will be out of style next year which will defeat the purpose if the plan is to sell your home within the next 10 years.

When is it Worth Updating Your Bathroom Tiles?

The short answer: almost always. If you have dated tile, it’s a top 5 annoyance to buyers because no buyer want to do the work to update it. Every buyer wants bathrooms that feel fresh and clean and new. As a home stager, I can work with any type of neutral tile, whether or not its dated.

Many homes have dated white or beige square tile, and I never recommend ripping it out if in good condition; we work with it. But what about 1970’s chocolate brown or harvest gold tile? 1980’s teal or terracotta peach tile? 1990’s dark blue or pink tile? They have all expired long ago. If you can update them, you will be improving the desirability and value of your home.

How to Choose Tiles

Step 1: Avoid Strong Colour

You might notice that all the “dated” tiles listed above are all coloured tiles. Humans naturally get bored over time, and the trends in decor always shift from one end of the pendulum to the other; back and forth, decade over decade. Dusty rose was a hot colour in 2017, and still is going strong. The last time it was popular? Sometime around 1987. And for 20 years in between, it was despised. This is why colour is so risky for fixed elements, because chances are that the colour you choose will NOT be in favour when its time to put your home on show.

Step 2: Avoid Strong Pattern

I don’t include stone or granite into this rule. Natural stone is nature’s art, and although you need to get advise on where and how to use it, pattern with natural elements never goes out of style. Mostly, I’m speaking of cast tile – porcelain, ceramic, cement, etc. Personally, I absolutely adore the hex cement tiles that have been all the rage for the last 3-5 years, but I know, not too long from now, all of our eyes will tire of them. Its very reminiscent of the patterns of the 60’s, which everyone LOVED…..until they didn’t love them anymore.

Step 3: Avoid Being Boring

So, now that I have told you to avoid all colour and pattern, are you left with a square beige tile? ABSOLUTELY not. This is almost as sinful and the previous mistakes.

The best guiding principle for tile is to consider it the opportunity to add TEXTURE to your surfaces. Subtle pattern, subtle colour variation, and even a mix of tile size to create something that is classic, elegant, and has longevity. This is why hiring a designer for even just an initial consult is invaluable to your end results. We can meet at the tile store, and help show you how to mix tiles in a neutral yet interesting way.

Step 4: Avoid Shortcuts

I cannot stress enough that hiring a tile installer is KEY to your finished product. Once you’ve fallen in love with a beautiful mix of tile, you need them installed properly. You need an installer who lays a proper base so that the tiles don’t crack 4 weeks later. Your finished floor tiles must lay smooth and level, with no sharp corners sticking up. You want a professional who knows to lay out all the marble tiles in advances so that the natural variation in colour is balanced throughout, and not end up with an odd dark patch at the end. My biggest pet peeve is with porcelain marble patterns because there are only 3-4 different pattern repeats. Your tile setter needs to have a eye to make those 4 patterns look natural and random. Too many times I’ve seen installs where the same pattern tile is repeated 3 tiles in a row, completely ruining any effort to make the tile look natural, because real stone never repeats like this. Never, ever underestimate the value and skills of a GOOD professional. 

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How We Can Help

When you work with The Village Guru, you get the design services of The Red Door Inc included. If you are selling and need to choose materials and finding contractors, we can help. If you are buying and want to gut that old bathroom and start new, my design and decor services are all part of the package. That is an enormous value add to you. But if you are reading this article, and you know you’re not ready to buy or sell anytime soon, but do know you need help to choose some new tile (or paint colours, flooring, light fixtures, etc), don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your needs and how I can consult with you. We would always rather you ask the questions first, before making the wrong decision on your own. Let’s work together to make sure your home is the best in can possibly be, no matter when you decide to sell!


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