A mortgage broker colleague of mine (thanks Sean Malachi) posted the caption above on Facebook the other day and I thought it was a perfect motto for why I’m doing My 12 Week Fitness Challenge.

This week was a tough one for me and probably every other warm blooded person in Mississauga, the cold and bad weather made it really easy to say to myself, ‘it’s ok, you’ve been really good, you can take a few days off’ but I persisted. I think February is the true New Years resolution hangover month because I’ve noticed less and less people in the gym before 6am. What starts off as a busy time at the gym due to new years resolutions quiets down after people realize what they may have gotten themselves into.

My Wednesday nutritional meeting was cancelled due to bad weather so I have no report on weight or body fat progress but that’s all secondary. The first and only goal is to eat better and get to the gym. 12 weeks, 72 times. It’s really that simple and if I stick to it come later this year when Steph and I go to Las Vegas we won’t be saying, “I wish we started working out at the beginning of the year!”


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