If it wasn’t for the smoothie, I’m not sure if I would be able to get through My 12 Week Fitness Challenge.

Every morning, one of our rituals is to prepare a smoothie for our mid morning meal. Here’s what goes into our smoothie:

Frozen Berries, tons of frozen spinach, 1 banana, flax oil, protein powder and a touch of orange juice.

All the ingredients that go into a Village Guru smoothie!

All the ingredients that go into a Village Guru smoothie!

If you’re looking at making smoothies a part of your diet, I highly suggest getting a heavy duty blender. We use a Blendtec and love it! I’ve also heard that Vitamix blenders are even better. A good blender will run you $300 to $600 but it’s well worth it. We’ve been using ours for 3 years now with no problems at all.

Here's is what the smoothy looks like before being blended.

Here’s is what the smoothy looks like before being blended in our Blendtec blender. The blender also doubles as a daiquiri maker in the summer.

Wala, the final product!

My smoothie!

My smoothie!

Just the touch to get me going in the morning!

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