With well over 90% of home searches starting online, most people will be familiar with the terms realtor.ca and the MLS®. In fact, it is common for the public to assume the two systems are identical, when in reality they are not.

So what is realtor.ca? First off, I want to dispel the myth that exists out there that realtor.ca is the MLS®. While realtor.ca takes its feed from local real estate boards such as the Toronto Real Estate Board, it is not the MLS®. The MLS® is a system operated by your local real estate board and has much more information that realtor.ca including market trends and statistics and real time status of properties for sale.

So what is reator.ca? In my opinion, it is a great tool to advertise properties for sale to the public and to get exposure for home sellers. However, I don’t believe that it replaces the MLS® or the insight that a professional brings to the real estate transaction.

Tip for home buyers when using Realtor.ca– When you are looking at homes, keep track of the MLS# associated with listings that you like. (Located in the top left corner of the page, just below the Realtors symbol) that way if you need more info or want to compare the properties your real estate agent can quickly access the information.

Home Sellers Beware– When you list your home for sale, ensure that your home will be listed with the local real estate board that your home is located. For example, if you are selling your home in Mississauga but use an agent located in Windsor, your home will be listed on that board and not on the Toronto Real Estate Board where it should be. In this case it will not appear on MLS searches and you will be losing the vast majority of exposure as local agents will not see it becauase Realtors generally don’t use realtor.ca.

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  1. The Village Guru
    The Village Guru says:

    Good question Janet. No you can not find out sales history on <a href="http://www.realtor.ca” target=”_blank”>www.realtor.ca. Realtor.ca only shows homes currently listed for sale- once they are sold they are removed from the site. If you need that information you have to contact a realtor such as myself who has access to the mls.

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