Miller's Grove in Meadowvale Mississauga

Millers Grove

Millers Grove, small and large… all detached homes.

Millers Grove is a quiet, family neighbourhood located on the west side of Winston Churchill Blvd in Meadowvale, Mississauga. Built in the 1980’s, this area is a little younger than the rest of Meadowvale and this shows in the neighbourhood design and style of homes. What makes Miller’s Grove unique for Meadowvale is that there are no semi detached homes and aside from a few town homes, all the homes in this neighbourhood are detached which makes it a good option for buyers looking for an affordable detached home in Meadowvale.

Millers Grove is a section of Meadowvale West of Winston Churchill Blvd, and is newer than most of Meadowvale

Miller’s Grove is a section of Meadowvale West of Winston Churchill Blvd, and is newer than most of Meadowvale


Do you like the idea of living in a more mature area with tree lined streets, with larger, more private backyards than newer areas while at the same time avoiding some of the challenges of an older home? Built in the 1980’s, Miller’s Grove is mature enough to have all of the features listed above while at the same time young enough that it avoided some of the pitfalls of homes built in the 1960’s & 70’s such as aluminum wiring and building materials made from asbestos.

Home Buyers Who Should Consider Miller’s Grove:

1) Large Families with Children:

Contrary to popular belief some of us are still having more than 1 child and let’s face it, not everyone has the cash or the desire to double our mortgage just to add an extra bedroom for our latest bundle of joy. The good news is that Millers Grove has a good selection of larger detached 4 bed homes that won’t break the bank like many other areas of Mississauga.

2) Small Families and Down Sizers:

Another group that will find some good options in Miller’s Grove are small families. Unlike many other areas where your only option would be a semi detached home or a townhouse, this area has a high concentration of small detached houses that are cozy and relatively affordable. There are also a number small bungalows scattered throughout the neighbourhood, which are very popular with people who want to say goodbye to stairs.

Google view of Patrick Cres in Meadowvale is a good example of the small detached homes in the area

3) The Home Improvement Enthusiast

Just like in other areas of Meadowvale such as Windwood, Miller’s Grove has plenty of homes that could use a good facelift and with a good realtor you may be able to get a price that reflect this (shameless self promotion 😉). If you like the idea of doing cosmetic renovations to make the home your own and add a little sweat equity without some of the more complicated renos that are are involved with older homes, this is a good area for you.

Home Buyers Who Might not Love Miller’s Grove:

Just like ANY neighbourhood, Miller’s Grove is not for everyone, and I think it’s very important to know the downsides so that you can make a fully informed decision.

1) Possible Airplane Noise

Air Plane Noise: Like all of the neighbourhoods in north Mississauga, Miller’s Grove lies on one of Pearson Airport’s flight paths. If you are interested in this area you should expect to see planes flying over your home approximately every second day. The good news is that planes are high enough that you shouldn’t hear them inside your house, but when you’re outside, you will hear them.

2) Neighbourhood Planning

Just like in other areas of Meadowvale, one of the downfalls of Miller’s Grove is that a good number of the larger 4 bed homes are located on one of the neighbourhood’s two main streets, Millers Grove or Edenwood. This is opposite of today’s design practices, where builders are putting the best and largest homes on the more quiet side streets.

The Verdict on Miller’s Grove

All things considered, I think Miller’s Grove is an excellent area of Meadowvale. You get to enjoy the upside factors of living in a mature neighbourhood such as tree lines streets and larger backyards, while at the same time avoiding issues that come with older homes.

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