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Historic Past

Over 200 years of History

The Village offers many Walking Tours

Strong Village Pride and Community

Charming Culture

Queen St. is a Bustling Hub for Small Shops

Many Events are Hosted in the Town Square

Festivals are Hosted Throughout the Year

Family Friendly

It’s a Walkable Village

Plenty of Parks and Greenspace by the River

Good Schools, Rec Centres & Arena

About Streetsville

A Historic Village Along the River

Streetsville Overview

Streetsville Village has a history of almost 200 years, and was founded in 1820. Once a busy manufacturing village, there was a grist mill and a saw mill that was powered by the credit river. Bridges and housing were constructed for the workers of the mills, and stately homes were built for the wealthy families who owned the land and mills. Streetsville is proud of its history and has it’s own Streetsville Historical Society to educate people about days gone by. Walking tours are held on a regular basis to learn about various old structures and buildings around the village.

Today, the Streetsville is comprised of the Village, Vista Heights, and Riverview. The Village has a beautiful and vibrant downtown core with plenty of charm, community and activity. Queen Street is a historic street with a variety of new a old buildings eclectically mixed together. Streetsville offers an ideal balance of downtown charm and quiet suburban homes.

Streetsville Real Estate

Many areas of Streetsville are at the higher end of the budget of the average family buyer; and areas close to the river will continue to grow in value. There are small pockets that are still somewhat affordable for the upper-middle class family, such as in Riverview, however there is a resurgence in the area and a lot of the older homes are being bought for tear -down, and many new custom homes are popping up all over the area.

Your Typical Neighbour in Streetsville

Streetsville was always ideal for the professional family who wants suburban living with easy access to Downtown Toronto (via the Streetsville GO station). Creditview (technically located in East Credit) and Riverview boast very large upscale homes, while Vista Heights is a mix of 50’s modest homes and newer remodels. Real Estate turnover is low, as families stay in their homes for a long time. There’s a large empty-nester population who are starting to move out and allow for new young families to move in.


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Housing Characteristics

The most common styles of homes in Streetsville

Score Factor 1: Housing Characteristics

You can find almost every style of home in Streetsville, since it has grown and developed over 200 years. There are the historic homes all over the village centre of Queens Street, which truly adds to the local charm. Many of these original homes have been converted into businesses. The next development was a large area of post war homes in the 1950’s and 1960’s found north and west of the village. Where the lots were small, these homes still remain. Where the lots were big, ,any of the homes have been torn down into custom new builds, especially around Streetsville Secondary School. Then in the 70’s and 80’s, many more sub-division areas were built further north and south along the Credit River, offering the more common two storey, double car garage homes. Infill consists of town homes and low rise condos.

Historic Homes

Although most of the historic homes have been converted into businesses along Queen St., there are still a small pocket that continue to be residential. Owning a historic home is truly a labour of love, and is well suited to the person intent on preserving history. But given the role these homes have in giving Streetsville it’s charm and history, it’s worth including them in the list, even though the remaining quantity if these homes is relatively small.

Post War Homes (1950‘s & 1960’s)

Much of “new” Streetsville was built in the 1950’s – 1970’s, and Vista Heights and Riverview were main developments of this era. A good number of these homes are bungalows and don’t have basements, which is rare in our climate. Homes in Vista Heights are popular with investors and renovators because of the good sized lots, and a wave of renovation continues today; tearing these old homes down and replacing with custom new builds.

70‘s & 80’s Detached Homes

in the 1970’s and 1980’s, massive amounts of development happened north and south along the credit river, creating sub-divsion pockets of large two storey homes, many of which back onto the river. This includes the Riverview and Creditview neighbourhoods. These homes range from large to executive, and have very high value due to their location.

Town Homes

Streetsville has a number of town house complexes located in the Historic Village, Vista Heights and Riverwood. Town homes range from entry level 1970’s homes to new build executive town houses, and most are condo town homes, which is the reason most complexes are meticulously maintained and landscaped. This is a great opportunity for a home buyer with a lower budget to get onto the property ladder in Streetsville.

Community Vibe

and Amenities

Score Factor 2: Community “Vibe” and Amenities

Aside from Port Credit, no other area of the city can offer quiet suburban living with walking access to a vibrant downtown the way Streetsville does. This village gets top marks for lifestyle and and sense of community.

The best part of the downtown are all the independent restaurants; you won’t feel like you’re in “suburbia” here. Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese – there’s every flavour to enjoy. Follow it up with a visit to one of Streetsville’s many Patios, Pubs, Bars, or perhaps just an Ice Cream at Murphy’s.

On any given day, you can grab a coffee and chat with the regulars, visit the butcher shop, bakery, or the local spa. Take your family bowling, or walk down by the river. Take in the Bread and Honey festival on the first weekend of June, or join one of they many local clubs or participate in a program at the local recreation centre or area. Streetsville will keep you active and connected to your community; you’re buying much more than “just a house” when you buy in Streetsville Village.

Shoppes & Resto’s

The warm weather months are ideal for spending your free time on Queen Street. And many residents do; you will get to know the regulars, whether you prefer Second Cup, Starbucks, Goodfella’s, Cagney’s, Door Fifty-Five or Cuchulainn’s. Young or old, there is something on offer for all tastes.

The Streetsville BIA actively supports local business, which enables small shops the opportunity to succeed. This is not a village with big box stores and franchises. Stroll through the gift shoppes, bakeries and butchers; this is the quiet community lifestyle that so many crave. If you are considering Streetsville as your new home, walking the downtown Queen Street is a must, you will be hard pressed not to like what you see.

Clubs & Community

Do you like to get involved in your community? If yes, you will fit right into Streetsville. Although officially part of Mississauga, there’s something special about this Village and it’s history, and residents very much feel they live in “Streetsville” more than “Mississauga”. Part of this pride is the fact that residents take much care in the village and its spirit. With a strong resident’s association, they ensure their needs are heard and considered for city issues and planning.

There are endless amounts of clubs, societies and associations to join, no matter your age. Here is just  a few to mention:

Festivals & Events

There is no shortage of events taking place around Streetsville. From local farmers markets, to dance and fitness events, the Bread and Honey Festival, you can always get out and connect with the community. The Village of Streetsville is an excellent website run by the Streetsville BIA, and is regularly updated with upcoming events, and to learn even more about Streestville. Check out the links and photos for more information:

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Quality and Rankings

Score Factor 3: Quality & Ranking of Schools


  • Riverview & Vista Heights have access to two of the best Secondary Schools in Mississauga. Streetsville ranks in the top 15% and St. Aloysius Gonzaga ranks in the top 3% of all Ontario Secondary Schools.
  • Vista Heights has the best elementary school for rankings and french immersion.


  • Creditview does not have access to St. Aloysius Gonzaga, although St Joseph is a respectable school ranked in the top 25% of all Ontario Secondary Schools.
  • Creditview has few elementary schools within its boundaries, which means your children might have to take the bus.


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Compared to Other Villages in Mississauga

Score Factor 4: Overall Affordability & Value


  • Much like the rest of Mississauga, this areas is quickly rising in price. First time home buyers might now find it very difficult to break into the neighbourhood beyond past a small town home. Premium areas of Streetsville have broken far past the million dollar mark.


  • The entire area offers great value, with a downtown lifestyle, access to the Credit River, good schools and easy GO Train commuting. Streetville’s value is high because it offers a lifestyle you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Mississauga for a better price.


Customize your home search and receive emails as soon as new properties are listed.  Change your criteria anytime & receive valuable home search tips. We’re here for you whenever you are ready to start the home buying process.

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