Much like our Empty Nester Program, when you are buying and selling in two different regions, the process gets more complicated. When you work with agents who have the experience to know what to expect and how to manage this process, a lot of the stress and uncertainty can be alleviated. Mostly, it boils down to superior communication and planning skills from our agents.

Our existing relationship with relocation companies is a great advantage, because they do add another layer of procedures, paperwork and deadlines that need to be implemented with precision. We have moved military staff, airline pilots, automobile industry professionals, and the like. We know that we need to meet the expectations of our clients, but also those of the relocation company and the employers as well. We connect with the realtor at the other end of your move, so that we coordinate service and communicate openly to ensure the entire moving process is handled smoothly.

We have serviced both the buying and the selling end of relocations. When we are selling the home, the relocation companies all have different levels of legal involvement and requirements. This is NOT for a first time or inexperienced agent. We always implement our Top Dollar sales program to ensure our listing clients get the most possible money from the sale. We don’t determine our client’s value but how likely it is we’ll get more business from them, all of our clients get the best, top notch service we have to offer.

When moving into the GTA from out of region, we are the village experts and can best guide you towards the neighbourhoods that meet your needs and wishes. You have to put a lot of trust in our knowledge and we don’t take that lightly. We will tell you the pro’s AND THE CON’s of each neighbourhood so that you can make a truly informed decision about the location that’s best for your family. In a market where homes sell fast, you can’t look for homes the traditional way when you are 1000 miles away. We will schedule a plan with you so that you have the best opportunity to find and offer on a home you will be happy to live in for years.

Not sure if you are allowed to work with us? Is your Relocation Rep telling you to call a specific real estate company? Don’t worry, there is no law or mandate requiring you to work with any one specific brokerage. Be sure you call us first, so that you can learn how we provide a greater level of service that you need and deserve. No matter your situation, The Village Guru can help make your relocation a smooth and successful transition.