Estate sales require a high level of coordination, patience, communication and mediation. We have had situations where there were up to 4 siblings who all had the best interests of the estate in mind, and all expressed it in different ways. This is normal and to be expected. Everyone sees different aspects of the sale as the priority; some may want to sell fast to settle out, some may be willing to do more work to get a higher sales price, some might be having trouble participating in the process at all. An estate sale, even more than any other property sale, is about guiding the sellers through a difficult process. We know how to sell houses. We know how to get Top Dollar. But more than all this, we know that keeping open and positive family relationships is critical, and that we do play a part in that process.

We will customize a plan to sell the house for the most possible money, based around the skills, abilities and preferences of the sellers. If you want to present the home to get top dollar, or if you want to sell the home quickly, it’s up to you. We will present the pros and cons of every option, and we will work with you towards a compromise that will serve the end goals of everyone involved. It is our role to be the calm, objective experts who will guide the process. We will also connect you with any ancillary services you require, such as moving, packing, consignment, legal, and more.

Service does make a difference, because this is much more than a simple transaction. Contact us to ensure the best interests of the estate and your family are taken care of.