What does Moving Up mean in today’s market? The current seller’s market presents a specific set of challenges and opportunities. This larger, more expensive home you want to buy is being sold at a premium, so how do you try to buy at a fair price? Some of our clients want to buy first, because what’s the point of going through all of the disruption, cost, and hassle unless you know you’ve found that new dream home? But then some of our clients want to sell first, because they need to know exactly how much money they have to spend. By forming a comprehensive strategy that includes both buying and selling, we can flex timelines and strategy as needed. We can focus on delivering on service, instead of getting a transaction completed, so that your best interests are protected end-to-end.

When Buying your New Home, we focus on finding the home that:

  1. Offers the size you need
  2. Is within the best location your budget can afford
  3. Which hopefully has some updated finishes you like

Currently, the more beautifully updated the home, the higher the premium you will pay, so we try show our clients how to come out ahead long term. When Moving Up, you will lessen the sting of that higher cost by choosing the best location and biggest size you can afford.  Perhaps consider an outdated counter or carpet if the premium on the home is lower and if it offers strong long term appreciation. If your budget does allow for fully updated homes, you might choose to pay the top price so that you can move right in. If you are planning to stay long term, you are investing in the quality of life and enjoyment of your home. But you can also still choose a home with a lower price, and do the work yourself to customize it to your style and earn the appreciation yourself. It is a wonderful position to be able to choose and we will explore your options and preferences.

We are also, as you know, The Village Guru, and to get you the best home, we will also show you neighbourhoods you might never have considered, if they meet your other needs around commuting or amenities. Do you need to consider quality of schools? Is access to public transit important? Do you care about your neighbours? We will leave no stone unturned to find you the best home that will improve your life now, as well as 5 or 10 years from now.

When Selling your Current Home, we focus on:

  1. Presenting Your Home in a way that meets your buyer’s wants and expectations
  2. Exposing your Home all over the internet because this is where 90% of buyers and agents search for homes
  3. Pricing strategically to encourage the most possible offers to the table. More offers = More $$.

Selling your current home for Top Dollar is crucial to offset your costs of buying. Throughout our website, we discuss in detail how we Prepare & Stage, and then Market homes for sale. We believe very strongly in home preparation & staging and 99% of our clients do too. We are always able to add value* (10k low end – 60k high end) to the home when our staging services are fully implemented. Our prep and staging services go above and beyond our competition; the sheer number of hours of support you receive from us is unsurpassed. We invest an average of $3000 per client to provide the pre-listing consulting hours & staging installation services, which includes props. This is how much we believe in it. We are looking for clients who are eager and excited to work with us to get the most money from the sale of their home, because it’s what produces the best outcome for us all!

In regards to marketing, not all advertising is created equal. A lot of traditional marketing can be very expensive and produces very low returns in terms of actual offers on the table. Now that we are the internet age, there are many cost effective ways to attract thousands of buyers online. We have demonstrated year after year that the best results come from investing in the presentation of your home and then advertising it on the internet. Knowing what marketing strategies work  best is part of our expertise and enables us to streamline costs & get even BETTER results.

*in comparison of determined property value in current state vs. determined property value after all staging recommendations have been completed.