Selling your home incurs a certain level of stress and uncertainly under any circumstance. Selling your home because you are divorcing takes that level of stress to a whole new level. When people are under high stress, and sometimes other negative emotions, it’s easy to make rash or poor decisions. It’s also very easy to be taken advantage of, by the wrong kind of individuals whose motives do not align with your best interests in the long term.

It is critical that you hire representation who will remain unwaveringly committed to your goals – which is most often getting the most money for the sale of the home. If we see other options that will serve you better, like one partner buying out the other, we won’t hesitate to discuss it with you. Why would we do that? Because we want you to see that your interests are our priority, and that we don’t take advantage of people for our own gain.

Quite often you do need to sell first so that you know exactly how much money each person has to purchase a new house. There can be no effort wasted towards getting you Top Dollar on the sale of your current home. We will continue to keep you focused on long term goals to get through the challenges of the day, and we help however you need: finding a painter, switching up a light fixture, sourcing moving supplies, connecting you with lawyers and so on. When finding a home, sometime you need to be in new school boundaries, or have to be closer to family or certain amenities. We understand the tricky balance of priorities and will guide you towards the best options for you. We want you to feel supported, confident and excited about moving towards the net chapter of your life.

We recognize it’s not an easy time, and we commit to giving you the same white glove service that all of our clients get. You will work with an agent who cares, who listens, and who is looking for ways to make your experience as successful as possible, which includes getting the most money on the sale of your house.