This program is for people looking to invest their money into the property market, with long term goals of appreciation and equity. The real estate market is cyclical; in 2008 we experienced a significant downturn, and 2015-2016 has shown near unprecedented gains. If you needed to sell in 2008 you were probably crying, and if you needed to buy a family home in 2016, you were also likely not happy with the prices. But over the long term, the gains in the housing market are always positive. Even if the market steadies back to 5-8% in 2017, ask someone who bought and income property 2000 if they regret it. If they got the location and target client right, I can tell you it was a solid investment.

Given the high price of homes in the current market, it’s very important to focus on the numbers and make sure they work for positive cash flow. This has pushed most investors towards condo’s and smaller properties. It’s important to know the market and projections for future rentability, and whether the location attracts the type of renter you are looking for. We use our proprietary investor spreadsheet to ensure we focus on cash flow, and not to get swayed by anything that doesn’t translate into dollars and cents.

There is no room for emotion in investing – not excitement, or hope or fear. It is the skill of seeing future opportunity before others do, and then objectively running the numbers to assess viability. Often the desire to find an investment property can sway you to consider properties that don’t come up positive. And sometimes others are afraid to pull the trigger on a good property because they thought they would love the house – they way it looks and feels to them – when they found it. The trick is to always put the numbers first. Cool, calm and objective wins the day when you’re an investor.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or this is your first time, we will show you our tools and skills that will help you make a sound investment now, and for the future.