Do you like a diamond in the rough? Are you looking to win at this real estate game? Do you have authors like Warren Buffet on your nightstand? Well, we have to say, we like your swagger.

We will warn you now, this program is not for the faint of heart. It’s not about stretching your last dime to make the project work, where NOTHING can go wrong! In renovation, something always goes wrong. They’ve even made a fancy word for “wrong”, its called contingency. You could run into renter issues, city red tape, and the need for a significant amount of cash. You will have to be patient through time delays and problems. The ideal person for these projects is someone who isn’t afraid to make many decisions, and potentially face many problems.

But if none of that scares you off, you can say with pride that you are a part of the 10% of buyers who don’t want a turn-key property. Even in such a heated sellers market, there have still been those ugly little ducklings, unwanted by any buyer. Their wallpaper is loud, their toilets are blue, their kitchens are completely dated and hidden from the rest of the house. They are calling to be rescued.

How can The Village Guru help you find and choose the right ugly ducking? Well, as you know, any money you make is on the buy. When you go to sell, there is only so far you can push the market, so your profit is made or lost on your purchase decision. Part of our core values is integrity, and not to push a sale / be transactionally focused. These qualities are essential to the Equity Builders Program because you need an agent who will tell you to walk away if the cost of the work is too high, or if the price isn’t justified. You need and agent who will show you which neighbourhood will hold its value in the event the market softens…..and it will…..sooner or later. Real Estate is cyclical and you don’t want to be caught up in the buyer frenzy of the last year where prices seemed to be irrelevant to many. Our focus is to find you a home that is within your skills and budget, and which has the best long term value. Agents who don’t stand behind a set of core beliefs, who lack a strategic mindset, and who are transactionally focused, can very well risk the equity you were trying to build in the first place.

Second, we have partnerships with architects, contractors, landscapers, and designers to help you make your vision a reality. We have worked on so many houses that we know how to make a home universally appealing, with a timeless design, but NOT look like a bland Home Depot Special. You can spend a ton of money and end up with nothing special, so planning the design end is key. Its well worth tapping into our knowledge on sources for the most stylish materials for the best possible prices. We can build a plan around any features we can keep  – saving time and money is ideal so long as it doesn’t compromise the end product.  We can advise you on where to install lights and what type to make the home as inviting as possible. We can give you ideas to spruce up your exterior or source fixtures and fittings for cohesive look. The goal is to create a finished product that looks gorgeous and which won’t need another reno 5-15 years down the line.

If you are ready, The Village Guru team is here, ready for you. Let’s go hunting!