Not only Toronto, but across the GTA, prices have risen substantially. If you want to live here, the term “affordable” has become a relative term. Erin Mills is more affordable than Lorne Park, But a small detached home in Erin Mills will still top over $750k. As prices will continue to stay strong, we like to work with FTHB’s who recognize that the primary goal is to get on the property ladder sooner rather than later – once you’ve done your research and decided that buying  home makes sense for your life.

This doesn’t mean we push you to buy the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even the 4th house we see. But then you have to buy the 5th, absolutely the 5th. Just kidding, it’s a 10 home maximum. Ok for you, and only you, 15 showings…..Twist our arms, 20 it is. But don’t tell anyone. The truth is that no matter your budget, whether its 350k, 600k or 900k, you probably want more than your budget affords. It’s very common and we’re very prepared for it to happen. There is a process and everyone takes a different amount of time to get there. But since our goal is to make you a proud property owner, our responsibility is working with you to line up your expectations with your budget as quickly as possible. That is our real job. The process actually moves rather smoothly when we build a good working relationship.

Many agents will gladly tour you around 30, 50 and even 100 houses without much valuable contribution. We feel this is a disservice to you. Why? Every outing should be a learning experience and we should be able to take away a new piece of information from any property we see. We should be constantly working to define your true priorities; refining options, features & neighbouroods to create a crystal clear vision of the best property for you. This is how we line up your expectations with your budget and when this happens, the right home for you always appears like magic. If you are left to go in circles, wandering through house after house all over the city, with no process of elimination, this is a total failure by the agent to do their job. We are always looking to see if you have taken what you’ve learned to refine your goals.

So do you have to be real estate savvy and a cold-hearted decision maker to work with us? Absolutely not. We want to work with people who see us as advisors and experts. We like working with buyers who want to know what’s to be expected at a given price point, and what features are worth fighting for and which ones can be easily updated in the future. We want buyers who value our knowledge on neighbourhoods, and future appreciation of each area. We want to get you the best house in the best neighbourhood you can afford that fits the needs of your life.

This program is truly an interactive partnership to help steer you towards your goals of owning property. If you are willing to share your journey with us and can give us a good challenge, we’re ready to work with you! Let’s get you on that property ladder!