Working With The Village Guru


After almost 10 years, The Village Guru has worked with hundreds & hundreds of people. 99% of our clients not only bought or sold a home, but they also had a positive experience that exceeded their expectations. You will see the common thread throughout all of our programs is YOU. We have individualized programs, tailored to your situation, and to meet your specific goals and needs.

Our proprietary systems & procedures, which are the foundation of all of our programs, ensure that each and every client gets the high level of attention and service they deserve. We ensure that every team member is highly trained, believes in our core values, and follows our client-centred procedures. We think there’s much more than just getting the sold sign on the lawn, let’s also start expecting better service and better sales. The Village Guru is not about just completing a transaction, we are here to give you the high quality experience you’ve always deserved.


A Higher Level of Service for the Best Price

About 85% of the time, our clients need to both buy and sell property, and so we looked at ways to maximize your returns while also minimizing your costs. We are well aware of the Low-Fee-NO-Service models out there, and that is NOT us. If you are not concerned about the quality of service you receive, there are many other companies out there for you. We target clients who want a fantastic experience, with Top Dollar Results, for the best possible price. So in developing our client programs, it just made sense to build seamless, end-to-end programs, which benefit you in both service level and costs.

Moving Up Program

This program is dedicated to all the families out there who have outgrown their current home. Moving usually brings on a mix of emotions and many questions. How will you prepare your home? Do you buy first or sell first? How will you keep it ready for showings? How can you live your life while it’s for sale? What do buyers expect? What do you do with your pet? What if you can’t find a better home? What if you can’t afford the location you want? You need a good school for your kids, which ones are the best? 1000 questions is the name of the game and we know each and every answer is critical. Our Moving Up Program is specifically designed to ensure you don’t feel like just another transaction in some agent’s portfolio. We know this is the biggest, most important & most stressful life change you’re going to make in the next while, and you need to work with a professional whom you are comfortable talking with and who actually LISTENS to you. We implement our proven systems that earn you Top Dollar on the sale of your current home, and we learn all about you to ensure your new home AND neighbourhood are a perfect fit for the needs of your family.

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Dividing Assets Program

No one likes to talk about it, but it is a very common life event. When you and your spouse make the final decision to divorce, you both know you are entering into a very stressful, complex, and challenging phase of your life. Now is the time that a lot of decisions have to be made to create a strategy to sell your home. What you need the most right now is a professional who will give you the straight truth on your options and guide you through the process without additional stress and confusion. From start to finish, The Village Guru team will help guide you through the transition and get you the highest possible sales price for your home.

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Empty Nesters Program

Home owners in the GTA have found themselves in an unprecedented situation. Never before has the value of homes risen so much in the last 5 years, with an average of 8% year over year. How much equity is now sitting in your home, untapped? What you have always just considered to be your family home, has now potentially become one of your best investments. If you are planning to build a new, flexible lifestyle, selling your family home allows you to release your equity for other goals. Whether you want to:

  • Buy a city condo and add to your investments
  • Move into an active lifestyle community in the Niagara Region or Cottage Country
  • Become a snowbird with 2 smaller homes

We have a team of experts across southern Ontario and beyond who work together to make your goals a reality. We will build a plan perfectly suited for you, and we use our network of agents and other financial & legal professionals to ensure seamless service from end to end.

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Equity Builders Program

We all know the age old advice of buy low and sell high, and it is very true. Those who make the most money are the people who can spot future profit where no one else see it. While the market is flooded with bidding wars, and buying a home is highly stressful for most buyers, we will show you a secondary buyer’s market that offers great opportunity to build the most possible equity on the purchase of your next home. By buying a cosmetically challenged home, we can show you how to win at the real estate game. Have a home to sell as well? Building equity is what our Top Dollar Sales System is all about!!

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Professional Relocation Program

We have moved many people due to changes in employment, and regularly work with the major relocation firms including Cartis and Brookfield. Our standardized systems and processes ensure every relocation goes smoothly and according to plan. Our experienced staff make sure you are involved and confident about the process. If you want the most seamless move for your family, this is the programs for you.

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Estate Sale Program

Estate sales are some of the most challenging because often, there are numerous people involved, all of whom are trying to deal with the new changes in their life. This situation requires specialized knowledge, and the expertise to guide and support all parties towards the best decisions for everyone involved. If you need help managing all the details of a loved one’s estate sale, this program is for you.

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Investors Program

There are many ways to invest in the GTA; you might want to buy a home with a basement rental apartment, or a low-maintenance condo apartment, or you might be looking to buy a new home and keep your current home to rent. No matter your situation, no matter the market, there’s one rule that never changes; NEVER let your emotions factor in.The numbers have to work, and we have developed a proprietary spreadsheet that looks at multiple factors to determine ROI as well as your comfort level as a landlord. We work from a basis of integrity and honesty, and we will tell you if a property is a good investment or not. This program is for first time or experienced investors who are serious about choosing a cash positive investment and who recognize our role as a guide and advisor.

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First Time Home Buyers (FTHB) Program

First Time Home Buyers (FTHB) have a special perspective. Though all of us always dream a little bigger than our budget, the experience of buying & selling in the past usually helps us to focus more quickly on choices that will move us towards our goals. With FTHB’s, it almost always takes a bit longer to arrive at this understanding. And thats ok. Its good to know this, because often there is a level of frustration that sets in when you want the qualities of a $600k house for the budget of $450k. We are prepared for this and will be there to guide you through this oh-so-common dilemma. If you want to maximize your opportunities as a First Time Home Buyer, this program is for you.

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Referral Program

We are a high skill team professionals, who work with integrity and honesty. If you need to buy or sell outside of the west GTA (we work in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown and Etobicoke), we have a network of realtors we’ve chosen to partner with because they’ve shown us to be like-minded professionals. No agent can be an expert for all of southern Ontario, and hiring an agent for their expert knowledge of the local market, neighbourhoods, pricing trends, and local amenities is what will get you the best results. Since were are focused on ensuring you get the best service, we will never pretend to know as much about Oshawa as a local Oshawa agents does. Agents who stay true to their expertise always provide better experience and results for their clients. If, after speaking with you, we know we are not the best choice for the job, we will personally connect you to a client-focused realtor within our network.