Why Schools in Mississauga are Important


school ranking in mississauga commentaryIt’s not the scores. The scores for Schools in Mississauga change from year to year.

Does it really make a difference if your kids goes to the #1 ranked school or the #4 ranked school. I’ll tell you from studying the results year over year that a certain school may be number 1 this year and then slip to number 3 the following year.

Is it more of a feeling for you? The parent? I’m guilty of that too.

To tell you the truth, no one asks me what high school I went to when I’m on a listing appointment. When I attended U of T no one cared where I went to high school. So if you are choosing a community based solely on school ranking at the sacrifice of other needs or wants, maybe you should reconsider.

Aside from the friends I have, I can’t identify how my life would be different if I went to any other school… Wait a minute, I’m getting to the point.

The quality of a school shouldn’t just be about an arbitrary ranking number assigned to it. It’s about the company your kids keep, who they associate with. What are their parents values? Do they put a high value on education? At the end of the day, I believe that the high school years are the most formative in a child’s life. Unlike grade school where parents can closely monitor their children, in high school they are old enough to make decisions, and to form habits (both good and bad) that will follow them into adulthood. It’s very well possible that decisions they make during their teen years will have a direct impact on their adult lives. This is why I think schools are important, and this is why I think you should take care when choosing a neighbourhood to live in.

If the quality of a school is important in your search for a home, but you want more information then just Fraser score, then let’s talk!


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