My wife likes Mexican food and lucky for us there is a quaint little Mexican restaurant in the heart of Streetsville called Cantina Mexicana. Located on Queen St. in Streetsville, Cantina Mexicana offers an intimate dining experience where you feel like you’ve been invited into the owners home for a nice Mexican meal.

The menu is quite simple with regular Mexican food you would expect such as tacos and fajitas, but it also has some more interesting dishes such as chicken mole and pulled pork. I would highly recommend trying the home made Sangria, which you can order by the pitcher.

Try the Tacos Cantina Mexicana, I recommend the beef or chorizo

Cantina Mexicana has great tacos, I recommend the beef or chorizo

With only a small dining room, Cantina Mexicana has the feel of a small restaurant you would visit in Europe as opposed to the big, uninspiring chain restaurants that make up most of Mississauga. Another plus is that if you’re lucky, you may be treated to some live entertainment as one time we visited there was a Mexican guitar player there. The last time I went I noticed that they did have a patio at Cantina Mexicana and while I’ve never sat outside I bet it’s a great place to be on a warm summer night.

If you feel in the mood for something home made, different and interesting, I recommend you check Cantina Mexicanna out for yourself.

Food: 8

Service: 8

Atmosphere: 7

Cost: Affordable

Village Guru Score: 7.5