No one likes surprises and disappointments. When you sell your home, you want to know how the process is going to work and be confident about the outcome. The Village Guru exists to provide you a proven, transparent system that achieves your goals, and gives you the high level of service you deserve.



When you decide to hire The Village Guru, we want you to feel like you are our ONLY client. Whether you home is worth $250,000 or $2.5 million, you deserve to be treated with respect. We take the time to ensure you feel informed, supported and confident with every decision. We maintain regular communication with you from the first meeting to long after you close on the sale. This is the level of service you need and deserve.


To us, communication means learning to understand who you are. Everyone has different personalities, expectations, stress points and reactions. If we don’t take the time to really get to know who you are and how you interact with others, miscommunication and conflict are inevitable. When you hire an advisor like The Village Guru, we take the time to build trust so that we can work together to get you to your goals.


Being truthful is the difference between providing you mediocre and superior service, and superior service earns us more business. It is truly a win-win and the only way to conduct our business.


There’s some pretty high standards at The Village Guru. We do all the little things that maintain a trusting relationship; things like showing up on time, returning your calls, and being proactive in our service to you. The Village Guru and has strived to make every step as transparent as possible, so you can see how we operate and what to expect.


Expertise is a combination of years in the field, level of skill, integrity and gut instinct. No one can tell you they’re an expert, they need to show you through everything they say and do. is filled with videos and articles to show you all of these things even before we meet. We are your advisor, strategist, marketer, negotiator and service agent. You need all of this for the best possible experience.


We respect our clients privacy and will never share your personal information. We only use your information to do the job you’ve hired us for- to buy and/or sell real estate.

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