No Strings Attached, No High Pressure Sales Tactics.

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Thanks again for visiting The Village Guru. I wanted to take a moment to explain our unique approach to giving a quote for selling your home. It may be a little different than you are used to, and I must say that our clients love it.

It is a long standing tradition in the industry for sales agents to say very little to a home owner until they agree to have the agent visit the home. The frustration is that you probably don’t want 5 agents in your home just to get a price, but what other choice do you have? You have to sit and listen to their pitch because their websites have very little information, and you have to try to remember and compare what they are all telling you. I don’t think this is a good way to get a price or how to pick the best agent.


I know the home seller of today wants to be informed and empowered.  I have set up The Village Guru to be the most transparent & educational real estate resource on the web. Rather than getting into your home right away to ‘pitch’ you, I would rather share everything I know with you in advance, which will help you learn all about the process of selling a home in a relaxed environment. This gives you the power to make good decisions based on information, and not sales tactics.

We encourage you to take some time to look around our website, we guarantee you will see that it’s different from the rest, and that’s the point.  The MORE you know about us, the BETTER

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What to Expect When Requesting a Quote:   

  1. Fill out the form below or give us a call. Tell us which services are of interest to you. Scroll down below to view our service packages. Explore Our Service Packages >
  2. We will review your home’s location and and determine an initial value for your home. Different levels of homes require different services to make them attractive to buyers. For instance, What a buyer of a $400,000 home expects versus a buyer of a $1,000,000 home is quite different. We tailor our service packages to have the most impact AND be the most cost effective for you.
  3. Tell us what time of day is convenient for us to call you back with a quote for our services so that we can provide you 1-2 service options, depending on your goals and what you said you were interested in.
  4. From there, once we have agreed on the pricing/service structure, and you already know  that you would be interested in working with The Village Guru, we will then set up a visit to your home. We will finalize the listing price, the marketing strategy, and start the process of selling your home.

Our goal is to make the process as easy, efficient and transparent as possible. 



One last note: If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to check out our Our Guide to Selling and my Video Blogs before requesting a quote.  This will provide you with the answers you will need about who we are, how we work and whether you would enjoy working with us.


Ready? Fill out the Form or Give us a Call!

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Want to know our fees for service? There's no beating around the bush here, just let us know what services you are interested in, and we will provide you a quote within 2 business days. *No Stuffy Meeting Required*
  • We do not send quotes over email. We have a "no pushy-loud mouth-desperate sounding salesmen policy" for phone calls. We're nice, we promise!
  • We would love to email you our weekly Home Seller Info Series, especially if you are not planning to list your home for more than 3 months. Just our spam-free way to stay in touch!
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    Not everyone NEEDS the platinum package, so we won't try to up-sell you unnecessarily. Obviously the packages do go up in price relative to the quality and quantity of services, so tell us what level of experience you are looking for. I will do everything I can to ensure you get all the services you need for a fair price.
  • Want anything subbed in or subbed out of the package you chose? Let us know and we can customize our quote just for you.
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